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  1. Yay analysts! thanks for the sit'em advise on Coleman
  2. I'm just here to pile on - dropping carson was dumb lol
  3. Sit Golladay for every productive game he had then bye weeks come along and he doesn't exist anymore....solid.
  4. 1 target for Golladay when losing by multiple TDs - perplexing tbh...3 targets since the bye. probably not startable on my team moving forward.
  5. So as far as starting this guy ever again.... thinking not.
  6. experts love brown this week, then i'd say baldwin and golladay - boyd is hit or miss and lockett is a fade with baldwin back to form
  7. First world fantasy problem if i ever saw one, lol. I'd say cohen, gamescript the last few weeks kinda skewed his usage, i think it's gonna be a howard week against the jets
  8. Murray - i'd wait until you know what you have before rolling out hyde.
  9. Yeldon - i wouldn't touch a buffalo RB let alone against NE
  10. I'd honestly just stream a QB. I typically don't give up equity for a 1 week player, but if you had to, go with Smith against TB. .
  11. Goff - doubt they take their foot off the pedal since they are playing GB, probably going to amass as many points as possible and probably a couple dump offs to Gurley in the RZ Bryant - indy def / shootout potentional + just traded away cooper and don't want to look too dumb so they'll try and get a some points thru the air. Howard and Smallwood since they are the healthy two options you have. Locket and Jones is a toss up, probably Jones cus i expect Detroit to go down early. Help in return, pleaes:
  12. So I understand correctly, you trade away Zeke and Michel, and you get Chubb, Ingram, Martin, Mostert out of it? If that's the case, I don't like it at all I think you should bail - you're diluting your team, keep your studs.
  13. I'd take juju if I could get him, he's kind of a stud and will be a solid add to the team. lose cook, he's a nightmare.
  14. Should have added, .5 PPR. Thanks to all that have chimed in, make sure your links are in so I can hit ya back.