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  1. I would take a chance on him if your dropping Wilson
  2. Mayfield , sanders, woods, Evans, Landry, Gordon, engram, K Johnson, sanu, and freeman. He’s 3-1
  3. I would do this. I could see Jackson start to fall off a bit as the season goes. Hopkins is due to pick it up and I like Henry over Connor
  4. 10 team 1 ppr. Based on my team below, do you see any benefit to try and aquire Barkley? I was also thinking of trying to get Hopkins but he wants to much (Godwin + Henry). I was thinking of offering him Henry+McCoy or Fitzgerald for Barkley and see what he says? Thoughts? Btw, I’m 1-3 team Kyler Murray Kamara Chubb Godwin Fitzgerald Henry Andrews bench Damian Williams Mccoy Hockenson AJ Green Golden Tate Diggs
  5. If would do it. Williams might be down for a while. Kupp is a beast and Johnson is a + over Cohen imo
  6. Maybe keep Evans and do Diggs instead.
  7. I’d do Fitz and Kupp for sure. The zona offense is going to pass a lot and kupp is a beast. I’m made I missed out on him in the draft
  8. I don’t know the rest of your team but yes haha. I’d try for saquon first then Cook
  9. I’m on the verge of offering Henry + Fitz for Mahomes
  10. Cousins could have a good day at home in the dome. I’d start him over Goff and the others
  11. I can’t see your team but I would try and keep Evans if possible. DJ seems to have some injury concerns. If I had to say, I’d pass on it for now.
  12. I don’t know why but i really want Mahomes lol. I’m 0-2 my is below. 10 team 1 ppr Alvin Kamara Nick Chubb AB Godwin Andrews Derek Henry bench Diggs Damien Williams McCoy Allen Robinson Fitz Fuller what exactly is Mahomes value? He needs RB help. I was thinking of trading Chubb and maybe another bench guy for him. Maybe trying to also get Michel in return. What about Henry + Fitz for Mahomes? Or would that be a slap in the face as far as value? Or just stay put? Thanks