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  1. Can't see the game. Is Mixon looking restricted at all due to his illness?
  2. Half point PPR...Boone, Washington, AP or D.J. Moore?
  3. Same here. I currently have Washington in as my RB2 and Boone in my FLEX, but I also currently have D.J. Moore on my bench and will throw him in at FLEX if there's a chance that Mattison plays.
  4. I just benched Moore for Perriman in one of my WR spots, but I may add him back into my line-up as my FLEX play over DeAndre Washington tomorrow...
  5. I'd go with Perriman. Expecting big things from him this week.
  6. I am higher on Ekeer this week so I'd avoid Gordon. I think I'd go Indy and Drake.
  7. I used a waiver claim on Perriman this week as he's likely to be the #1 option for the Bucs, but I also own Tyreek Hill, D.J. Moore and A.J. Brown. Would you start Perriman over any of them in the championship game? Moore's the only one I'm thinking about with Grier throwing him the ball, but he's been so good for several weeks. Don't want to overthink it...
  8. Hmm, this is a tough one. I like Lockett a lot more than Alshon so there's certainly a downgrade there, but you do have better depth at WR compared to RB, and Gordon looks pretty good today. So, I think I would do it.
  9. Looking ahead to the late games, I can start two out of the following three in a .5 PPR league. - Josh Jacobs - Carlos Hyde - Tyreek Hill I believe there's still a chance that Jacobs doesn't play, and if he does, I worry about him aggravating his shoulder, but I usually always go with RB over WR in the FLEX. Thoughts?
  10. Do you think Schaub under center is cause to significantly downgrade Hooper? Or is he more of a safety blanket for a less talented QB? [...]
  11. I have the Packers in my line-up to use against the Chiefs, but it is tempting to pick up the Seahawks now that Ryan is ruled out. Any thoughts about making the change?
  12. I own the Bills defense and am holding them for the next few weeks, but it is certainly tempting to pick up the Steelers this week and stream them against the Dolphins instead...
  13. I own Jackson and picked up Brissett to fill in for him this week, but now I'm thinking that Tannehill or Rudolph might be better options against worse defenses. I also own Maher and need a replacement. Again, was thinking Boswell might be the best, but Crosby, Lambo and Nugent are also available. Finally, I've owned the Packers defense for most of the season and think they have a decent match-up against the Mahomes-less Chiefs, but the Seahawks are enticing, especially if Ryan doesn't play. Any thoughts are greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  14. As the starter with the Redskins, I would add him, but as others have said, Guice is on his way back, Thompson is still around, and the Redskins will be playing from behind a lot moving forward.