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  1. AD runs them into the redzone with 3 consecutive big runs and then when they get into the redzone they give him no carries...
  2. Gallup and Anderson. Allen makes Sutton too dangerous for me. Michel is TD dependent and this is a tough matchup for him. Anderson and Gallup could both have huge days. Please help!
  3. Montgomery for me. Can't sit him after what he did vs LAC Help please!
  4. Gotta roll with two of these guys in standard: Walton, AP or Ty. Which two do you like? WHIR
  5. Surprised the Carson news hasn't generated more enthusiasm here. Yeah Ty's efficiency has been poor but this figures to at least bump his volume up quite a bit
  6. So true. It's hard to understand why my big $ league with a very stable group of players can't come around to this realization.
  7. SF DST owners and probably at least 1 SF RB
  8. 5 of 41 Walton carries went for 10-19 yards 13 went for 4-9 yards 6 went for 3 yards 4 went for 2 yards 6 went for 1 yard 7 went for 0 or less 25 of these 41 carries have come in the last two games on the road vs the 6th and 17th defenses by yards per carry allowed. Those 25 carries have brought 101 yards, or 4 ypc.
  9. I meant it will be a breakout season if he makes it through to his projected pace. No such thing as a "breakout 3/8 of a season". I also didn't say he came out of nowhere. "Superstar" is related to perception. No such thing as a "superstar no one has heard of" either. If Kupp was already a superstar this past summer he wouldn't have had an ADP of 50 overall. If Kupp had made it to 1400/16 last season there's no way he's available anywhere around 50 even coming off the ACL.
  10. Currently on pace for 116 catches, 1584 yards and 10 TDs. Only thing that sucks about this Cupp breakout season is he will be insanely expensive next year