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  1. Don't understand the call. He's not "giving himself up", he's diving for the TD and his knee hits the ground
  2. Yup. Through 3 weeks, Buffalo has surrendered 23 catches on 32 targets for 296 yards and 2 TDs to slot receivers. Week 3 (Kupp): 9/10, 107-1 Week 2 (Isaiah Ford): 7/9, 74 Week 1 (Crowder): 7/13, 115-1
  3. Burrow is a stud in both fantasy and real football
  4. Well it's nice to be exceptional. What in particular was wrong? It was the most positive script he'll see for volume. His team was ahead the entire game usually by multiple scores against a bad team. It's exactly the kind of game that favors RBs getting the ball the most often and another game where the Fins are up by 2+ scores most the way might not come again this season. The rest of the post was facetious.
  5. Seems like a lot of quick throws should favor Shenault since most of his targets come within 10 yards of the LOS
  6. If you say so. Then let's say it was the most positive script he'll see for volume. It also seems then that the range of positive game scripts is exceedingly small. Not when substantially trailing obviously and not when substantially leading apparently so only when the game is very close.
  7. I'm afraid you're right, he does look a little slow for a WR. He's a WR in an RB body. Probably would have a better future in the league as an RB but he was injured a lot in college so maybe couldn't handle the punishment.
  8. Unfortunately that problem isn't going away this season. Love the workload but this may have been the most positive game script they'll see all season, leading by 2+ scores for almost the entire game
  9. Yeah and how many of us wouldn't even have started him had Chark not been out? Really disappointing they didn't try to get him more involved with designed plays. Even more disappointing he completely disappeared from their offense with them trailing the whole 2nd half.
  10. Shenault not even on the field for this hurry up drive
  11. I definitely think there's a good case for playing DeSean over Ingram given how light Ingram's workload is. I'm strongly considering rolling the dice with DJax myself this week over Shenault and Marvin Jones. He's going to go off at some point and I'd hate to miss it.
  12. On the one hand Reagor's absence should open up a few more targets and Jackson might get some. OTOH I could see this being a low volume passing game for Philly; Bengals run D is awful, Eagles RBs should have a field day and Philly could be playing with a lead for most of the game.
  13. Why would we think so when he got 4 targets in the last game and DeSean got 9?