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  1. No, he's not. But Boone has NO mileage on him this year. Fresh legs in week 15 is huge. And Boone has been a preseason stud here for 2 years. The Vikings are LOADED at RB. It's ridiculous. I would expect Boone to put up 90% of what Cook would. There's not that much of a dropoff.
  2. Listening to local sports radio. Guy is also the play by play voice for Vikings. Sounds like there's no way they're playing Cook. Vikings winning division is very doubtful. They'd have to beat GB Monday night, beat Chicago the following week, and GB would also have to lose to the Lions on the last week, and would have the division hanging on it. No way they lose that game. So Vikings are likely in the playoffs, with no realistic chance of winning the division. They'll sit Cook for remainder of season. No point in risking injury. Now...Mattison.....don't know.
  3. Think about what you just wrote. Maybe consider a different hobby.
  4. At this point, I need a Gurley TD and it will simply prevent me from slitting my wrists.
  5. The Colts are in trouble here. But I'd like to see them convert and tie it up.
  6. Texans are hellbent on running the ball. My over looks bleak. Also starting Will Fuller looks bleak. Need a breakout play for a TD and to get the scoring going.
  7. I think you've got the best lineup right now. You can't play Sanders with his ribs. Sony isn't an upgrade over Gurley or Ekeler. Can't trust Foles yet. Brisset has been good.
  8. When in doubt go where the points are. Deebo vs. Arizona. That's who I'm starting as my #2 WR. Mine:
  9. Foles never did anything for me. Especially in fantasy. Wentz and Sanders might feast today on the Pats. I'd go Wentz. Mine:
  10. Man that's tough. Neither are all that attractive. But they should give Mixon plenty of touches so I'd go with him. Mine:
  11. Sanders and Wentz. This is Sanders chance to make it his job. He'll show up. Mine:
  12. Neither are going to catch many balls. Equal chance at a TD. Michel should carry the ball more than LM, so I'd go with Michel. Mine:
  13. I can't believe it comes to this but I NEED a TD out of my RB. My other RB was James Connor. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  14. Holy holding on 52 on Dallas on the 3rd down conversion.
  15. If the Vikings can't run the ball, they'll lose a snoozer. I'm guessing Dallas is going to sell out for the run, so it should be interesting to see which team actually shows up.
  16. If if makes you feel better, my pool had 864 entries @ $100 a pop. I had one team left....
  17. I had my suspicions about New Orleans/Falcons game. Since Brisset was out, I figured the vast majority would transition to the Saints. I instead went with Kansas City, while the large majority of the others went with Indy. We had 124 teams left this morning. We now have 9 and I ain't one of em. Kansas City Defense sucks............
  18. Damien truther here. I gave up on this backfield last week (before Dwill went off). I still want nothing to do with it. It's clear McCoy isn't it. DWill may get the shot, and Darwin Thompson might come in say week 12 and blow up and take the job. I'm taking my ball and going home.
  19. Duke Johnson is the only offense they have aside from Deshaun.