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  1. If you go by winning an award as best fair enough. I would argue the Heisman and any other award based on anything but purely numbers is dumb and irrelevant .... Not trying to pick an argument here by the way, that team is a wreck and grabbing a new quarterback isn't the answer, any quarterback will struggle on that team.
  2. Johnny Manziel won the Heisman.... Cardinals draft like crap for years.... This will be another blunder...
  3. Trading Rosen to take Murray with #1 is so dumb. Look at it in the context of the whole team. Is Rosen the best? We don't know. Is Kyler Murray the best? Don't think he was the best in college why would he be in NFL? Rosen got wrecked by poor coaching, poor play calling, bad offensive line, predictable offense (delete Johnson and Fitzgerald) and no real receivers to throw to... Fix the rest of the team and then see... Worst case they get pick 1 again next year.
  4. I won the Championship and league commissioner text me and tell me that some folks aren't okay with the $1 waiver wire pickup fee, though they agreed at beginning of year. No one said anything until they got knocked out...
  5. You could plug any guy in that system and they will produce, it's like the Steelers backfield or LAR backfield. At NFL level they're all good athletes, the system is what sets them apart. There are some differentiators (superstars) but overall it's the system. Guarantee if Bell, for example, lands in a bad system, he will be a low end RB.
  6. Thank you to everyone on here who helped by posting good threads or replying to others! It was nice to know this was a place I could come to check my sanity!
  7. Studdd as long as enunwa is out. Like a poor man's davante Adams with darnold at the helm.
  8. YThis boy was started twice this year. Once in week 6 and tonight... Made it worth it have him ride the pine all season for tonight.. him plus Robby Anderson got me a ship.
  9. I drafted Chicago with my last pick of the draft, 7th pick in draft order. Mack news came.out day of draft and league slept.
  10. Russell Wilson Melvin Gordon Alvin Kamara Doug Baldwin Robby Anderson Travis Kelce Damien Williams Chicago D/ST Jason Meyers Bench: Calvin Ridley Austin Hooper Josh Reynolds Jaylen Samuels Matt Bryant Jamaal Williams Dolphins D/ST Colts D/ST CJ Anderson Also had Conner, DJ Moore, Courtland Sutton, Tyler Boyd, but dropped a bunch to block my opponent. Worked well when Gurley and Lamar Miller went out lol. Won by 67 tonight! First Fantasy championship ever!! 2nd year playing. And no I'm not a taco, was #2 seed headed into playoffs.
  11. Is spencer Ware actually OUT? Like I said no reports anywhere of it
  12. Samuels or D Williams ? For whatever reason ESPN app still hasn't listed Spencer Ware as out....