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  1. Is he a must add even when FVV is healthy?
  2. Been getting backup C minutes, and read somewhere DAntoni could start giving him more minutes as he keeps playing better. Anyone think he's a good end of the bench add in a 12 teamer? Or just a streamer? Looks good for 3s and points.
  3. Maybe because Garland and Porter been out, more shots for Cedi.
  4. Thank you. You think Embiid's return won't affect Shake much? Fournier looks to miss the rest of fantasy playoffs, maybe that makes it a better situation for DJ?
  5. Who would you add in a 12 team h2h 9cat?
  6. 14pts, 12 rebounds, and a block in 32 min. Holmes and Bagley not coming back anytime soon, and only center competition now is Len. Walton's been very positive about him, too. Run don't walk?
  7. Both seem to be 3s/points/steals type of players. Reddish has the pg/sg/sf tag and his per36 shows he gives you better steals, but Hunter has the starter minutes and producing better steals so far. Which one would you rather add?
  8. Someone offered me Al Horford and Paul George for my Harden. Should I take it? 12 team h2h 9cat
  9. Past 5 games: 8.8 points/5.8 rebounds/1.6 steals/1.2 blocks on 74% fg, 100% ft, and 1 TO
  10. He's so much better defensively than those two, hopefully that keeps him playing the bulk of the minutes.
  11. I would guess Rubio and Booker at 1 & 2, Kennard at the 3, Oubre at the 4, and Ayton at 5. 3s and points but assists would go way down.
  12. Look at his game log from last season, the guy would go on 3 or 4 games scoring in the middle teens to low 20s and then follows up with 1 or 2 duds... with Blake gone, rumors Kennard and Rose on the trading block (possibly Drummond, too).. Reggie can feast. Worst case, he'll be like last year, 2 threes/15pts/4assists.. kinda like owning Dragic but on a less stacked team
  13. I'm trying to add Derrick White, who would you drop for him? Dinwiddie or Reggie?
  14. Anyone still holding? Thinking of dropping him for Napier.