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  1. My earlier post was AD for LMA and Spencer.. but the owner changed his mind and now asking for Aldridge and Gallo for his AD. I'm in 9 cat 12 team h2h. Should I take the deal?
  2. Yup drop garland.. but if you can, reaaally try to keep both
  3. 3 games starting at shooting guard since Kyrie came back: 1/7/8 2/17/5 3/26/8 Sell high or hold? The ft still hurts, but minutes, 3s, points, and assists seems good.
  4. Would you trade LMA and Dinwiddie for AD? Is there a risk AD starts playing less minutes or even get "shut down" during fantasy playoffs?
  5. Who would you guys choose between the two? I'm in 12 team h2h 9 cat. I love Spellman's 1-1-1 potential but worried about his role, and while Sekou already plays in the upper 30s in minutes, I'm still not sure if he's going to be more reliable.
  6. Per36 puts him at 45% fg, 1.4 3s, 6 rbs, 1.2 steals, 0.5 blks and 14 points... what rank do you guys think that puts him at.. like top 100, or 80, or 70? And you guys think his stats going to be like that ROS? 1.4 threes,6rbs,1.2 steals and 14 pts kinda makes him a better efficient Aminu version with consistent minutes.
  7. Im on 12 team h2h 9 cat got offered AD for Aldridge and Bertans.. should I take it?
  8. @Eltoro @Sosa Didnt fall through. I'm makin a new thread, cause now its a 2 for 1.
  9. Unless you really need assists, then I'll take Embiid. He has a finger injury and not a lower body injury. And I'm not a fan of Simmon's negative impact on ft%
  10. Nope. Thats why I posted here cause I'm wondering if I'm missing some news on AD.. i guess the owner got spooked by his injury lol
  11. Someone offered me AD for Aldridge.. good deal for me? I'm concerned about AD's possible shutdown or missing games later in the season.
  12. I'm in 12 team league and someone dropped Huerter. Should I use my waiver 1 to add him?
  13. I'm in h2h 12 team and about to activate a plater from IL, who should I drop?