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  1. Is it ‘chit’ or ‘s*** the bed’?? 🤷🏻‍♂️💩
  2. Chubb M Sanders Latavius Julio Godwin Theilen Lutz Traded for; Zeke Jacobs OBJ Singletary Deshaun Watson Wire; Waller AJ Brown Shepard
  3. Jones. You’d be pissed if he puts up 30 on your bench gl
  4. Mack is safe jones for ceiling but could dud sanders I’d start for sure
  5. Final FINAL finals debate. Been confident w AJ but now Lattimore has me spooked. Theilen coming back (after unneeded/limited work last game) in prime time MNF matchup at home vs rival GB has me questioning. He could blow it up Whir // rep // GL all!
  6. My final Finals decision. Rep // whir // GL all!