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  1. I’m not as down on Zeke ROS as some, but this has me intrigued. Current RBs (Zeke, JJacobs, JTaylor, JJackson, Gio). Other guy is Zeke freak and cowboys super fan. I also have WR depth w ARob Golladay AJBrown McLaurin and DionJohnson. I can roll JJacobs & JTaylor w 3 WR if needed if Zeke struggles, or waiting for MSanders. I guess I’m worried Zeke v MSanders ROS?? Is that worth the risk?? If MT pays off that’s great but I’m not holding my breath (and I don’t really need him).
  2. Trade 2 leaves you with no WRs and way too many RB. Kamara JRob Carson is stout, and one is already injured. You want another injured RB for one of the hottest WR in the league?? I’m all about balance. I would hold on both (CEH outlook not rosy IMO - just traded him myself for JTaylor)
  3. Who you playing at WR this week?? I think the trade is fine but in your situation it might not have been smart since you need ARob more than MT RIGHT NOW. AB, MT, McLaurin, Godwin all out this week. Im all about the sneaky long play, but the MT situation is so unstable not sure it worth the risk unless you can REALLY wait it out. In your case not sure you can wait w/o it negatively affecting your team/season. Admittedly I am in same boat RE trading for MT, but I’ve got lots of WR to wait it out (ARob - AJBrown, Golladay, McLaurin, DionJohnson.). Even if I trade ARob I’ve got the depth. Not sure you do right now, but overall it’s a good move if you can weather the storm and MT eventually comes back (hopefully sooner than later).
  4. that is literally me this week with Lamar looking on.
  5. Good list but I would remove Ekeler and CEH and add JJacobs and JTaylor. Ekeler is totally unknown and prob out another month, and CEH is gonna lose at least 1/3 of snaps maybe 1/2. JJacobs and JTaylor are all alone with the Taylor having the 4th best RB schedule. I have Zeke tho so I’m hoping he does better than all.
  6. Need to drop one to pick up WR bc of byes. thoughts?
  7. You came back 3 weeks later to tell the board we were wrong about Herbert?? Lmao. Since you’re so knowledgeable, can you tell me how Zeke is gonna shake out over the next 3 weeks?? My season depends on it.
  8. MSanders Guy has MT and hates him lmao. Maybe I could swing Zeke for an injured MSanders and a unpredictable MT?!? 🤔🤔🤔
  9. Jeez dude if you can get Julio in that deal smash accept and run
  10. I was trying to package 2 of my WR for DHop today. Same kindof trade. 1 of ARob/Golladay/AJBrown + 1 of McLaurin/DJohnson + Gio B! (he’s hurting a bit at RB) Rejected! 🤬
  11. Without DJ you’ve still got 3 STUD WR. Adams ARob Golladay (and AB) Youre lacking that 3rd STUD RB after Zeke and JRob, and Zeke is shaky. I’d grab a RB1 like JJacobs in a second.