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  1. Pretty much same team replace: ekeler with a. Jones and Mahomes for Goff. Was 3 points from making playoffs. Then my boys went off in playoffs (including a ww pickup in d. Parker and trade down the line for Bree’s that helped but it was too late). Unreal if kamara would have gotten half of what I thought he was, it would have been walk to the finish line. Congrats on your ‘ship
  2. He’s had minnys number last few games. Lots of confidence going into a Monday night holiday game. Hopefully coach recognizes this. Big game incoming for Jones 🍴🍖
  3. And that is strong example how fantasy football can be all luck. Team is trash
  4. Why oh why did I pass this guy up in first round
  5. s--- the bed... needed 3 more points from them... or a. Jones to get any pass involvement for 3 more points... or to start KG.. or to not trade for Bree’s and dump Goff any of this would have gotten me into playoffs.. FFF.... figure that accroynom out cyall next year
  6. U can’t beat yourself up if you had better options... glad to see him have some big plays
  7. Love Kenny but too risky to start given qb situation and early start. Good luck to all starting hope he goes off
  8. Need a big week from AJ, let’s get him the touches he deserves