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  1. My bad. I think I'd probably do: Tyrell > Murray > Boyd
  2. I'd go Josh Allen. Brees is a big question mark for me. Coming from an injury, I'm always worried about a re-injury. I'm just being conservative here, and it's not like Josh Allen has a tough matchup.
  3. Pass. I'm keeping Brees. Especially for that juicy matchup on Week 10 against the Falcons, when Watson is on BYE. I think you're okay with Jonnu. Just stream that position if he doesn't turn out to be awesome for your team.
  4. Tough one, but I'd look at this like any other streaming QB situation and look for the easier matchup. Tannehill for me.
  5. Matt Schaub targets in Week 7: 3 Hooper (1 TD) 2 Hardy 1 Julio I'll take Hooper!
  6. Easier matchup for Fitz. He's also one DGAF throw away from scoring more than Moore. I say Moore scores less.