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  1. I haven't heard anyone mention the Titans. Contenders for sure. AJ Brown and Antonio Brown? Yes, please.
  2. I can't find any vegas props on potential team signings, has anyone seen any?
  3. He's talking to the people that are asking him to play. Wouldn't you have the same response to *those people? The rest of us understand he's hurt and move on to the next best option.
  4. This is how I feel as well. I can't believe I'm sitting him this week, but I'm chalking it up to a bad matchup, he's right back in there next week.
  5. My bad. I think I'd probably do: Tyrell > Murray > Boyd
  6. I'd go Josh Allen. Brees is a big question mark for me. Coming from an injury, I'm always worried about a re-injury. I'm just being conservative here, and it's not like Josh Allen has a tough matchup.