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  1. I like Jacobs if he plays. Hard to sit Brown but that game with Rams Cowboys could be a shootout and Kupp the favorite target so I’m leaning him slightly. Good luck!
  2. Tough to sit Freeman for Scott but I do like Scott’s chances here. Also I’m going Deebo based on his last few games. Good luck
  3. I definitely trust mostert more than any dolphins player. Good luck!
  4. I like Dak and while I think OBJ will be usable, I like AJ brown for a big game. Good luck!
  5. Hunt with his passing involvement without question for me here. Good luck
  6. I like scary terry and goedert here. Both have more upside and a slightly higher floor. Good luck!
  7. Reading everywhere that Goedert should be started in this cupcake matchup. I’d probably choose him given the injury risk. Good luck!
  8. Cooper is fine, Dallas is in must win territory and he should get the ball. I also like Brown for another big game! Good luck
  9. Yes I like Scott here too although I think James white has a solid game where the Pats will try to get the offense chugging. Good luck!
  10. Hey everyone happy semi finals week for most of you! Tough calls at WR this week. I have Keenan Allen and DJ Moore slotted in as my 1/2. Torn between Lockett vs Carolina, Kirk vs Browns, and Deebo vs Falcons. For TE I have Waller vs the Jags or Hooper vs 49ers. All thoughts appreciated! Post your links and I’ll help too thanks!
  11. Lindsay and Sanders comfortably for me. Good luck!
  12. I’d probably roll with Sony! Good luck
  13. Start your studs. Like the above post said, Kittle is one of the best and the 49ers will need him in this pivotal game. Good luck
  14. I like Doyle and Ridley by a small margin as well. Good luck