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  1. OJ Howard Montgomery Mixon OBJ JuJu (even before ben went down he was nowhere near AB production)
  2. a late season run to lure people into drafting early again next year...Nice...
  3. Ouch...painful stats. Do we blame wilson and the offense yet or no?
  4. I'd say damien was worse for all the hype he had and seems to have less to show for it than mixon. The early pages of this thread along with damien being a jag most of his career make him the biggest. Mixon can be number 2
  5. "B b but he's so elusive check the stats!" Biggest bust of the year (for those who took him in the 2nd and 3rd)
  6. Definitely in the running for BUST of the year. Warning signs were there tho
  7. BUST. Plain and simple. Thankfully we wont ignore a coaches impact on a player ever again f--- NAGY
  8. Or you can say thanks to those who warned against this o-line ALONG with aj green being out to start dalton being dalton and poor coaching. IF AJ green comes back and defenses at least try to respect the past then flashes of last year's mixon should come. But the situation is too poor for mixon to overcome otherwise
  9. Bum (fantasy wise) living off of a week 1 explosion being a TE and those "almost TD's" he can't seem to haul in each week.