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  1. With 8 targets you would think he would have produced more in this game...
  2. Forgot I have Boone as well, but GB is a decent defense.
  3. tough call, I think Boone will have more attempts, but Freeman an easier opponent. Jacksonville has been playing bad as of late, so I would probably go with Freeman as ATL should get ahead and stay ahead.
  4. Boone as well, Vikings offense runs through rush attempts. I think this will be a close game, leading to a lot of rushes for Boone.
  5. I would go with Adams / Allen / Parker as well. They seem to be your safest options. Thanks for mine.
  6. After putting Fuller in, I'm in a crunch, leaving me with a choice for my RB2 to make up for his blunder hopefully. Full PPR. A.Jones vs MIN: decent matchup, got 25pts last time they played, but was at home. I think Jones has the higher ceiling but with Green Bay they can get away from the run at anytime. M.Mack vs CAR: great matchup. Carolina has given up the most points to running backs. Seems to be the safe play, but without being involved in the passing game, I feel like he may be limited for his ceiling. WHIR
  7. Toss up between henry / OJ. But I would go with Howard as he should get more targets than Henry.
  8. WR: Allen / Perriman. Both have high potential, but both have low floors in their situations. I would go with Allen for the safer option. Flex: Mostert, the 49ers backfield is something you want a part of, and Mostert appears to have taken control of the backfield. Thanks for mine.
  9. I would go with Murray for a safe bet. I would go with Terry, highest upside. Chubb, dependable, hard to put more faith in Boone when there isn't a big sample size.
  10. It's a coin toss, but I would give the edge to Miller in what I would assume is a high scouring game from KC.
  11. Hard choice, but I would roll with NE for this matchup, they did great last time they met the bills.
  12. White + Edelman / Arob (I would give the nod to Edelman)
  13. Melvin Gordon, Drake is more likely to get game scripted out of the match than Gordon.