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  1. Ended up trading Barkley, don't feel confident about anything in this organization... Even if he's back to 100% healthy after the bye week I don't feel like we're going to be seeing more than one or two 25+ point performance games and likely not a 30+ game the ROS.
  2. That initial feeling of insult is what all the other 10 owners will probably view the trade as because almost all fantasy players are name driven over results...but when it comes down to brass tax and actually evaling it...I think it's pretty dang fair. He's got Carson/Jacobs as his 1-2 and Sanders as a sometimes flex play. Williams > Sanders IMO with a BYE-NE-Sea for the next three. I want OBJ strictly for the happen chance Baker wakes up and provides him with a higher ceiling than Parker/Williams could achieve.
  3. Big name, small results with OBJ while Parker/J Williams have maintained a decently respectable last five outings. Jamaal Williams remains pretty involved in the passing game, 5/8 TD games with one including a rushing TD. Parker has been heating up and Preston Williams just tore his ACL... That's why I offered it...would I personally accept it? Probably not. But I can justify it in my head, hence the offering.
  4. Full PPR, 12 team, I am 5-3, soon-to-be 6-3. His team is 5-3, soon-to-be 5-4. Give: Jamaal Williams & DeVante Parker Get: Odell Beckham Jr QB: D. Brees RB: C. McCaffrey, S. Barkley WR: M. Evans, D. Parker TE: J. Smith FLX: L. Fournette D/ST: 49ers K: J. Slye Bench: A. Brown, G. Everett, J. Williams, A. Mattison, D. Amendola, C. Conley, D. Carr
  5. I currently have Barkley paired with CMC and actually have Fournette as well (whom I drafted). You don't win fantasy championships based on your weaknesses, you win it based on your strength. Having the best performing RB to date and arguably the most talented RB as your duo is a no brainer, regardless of what he's asking...which isn't a ton anyways
  6. Full PPR All make decent cases, all play pretty poor passing defenses. One flex spot open, who do I start?
  7. 1 PPR, 12 team They send: Landry & Ertz I send: Fournette My current team: QB: Minshew, Bridgewater RB: Barkley, McCaffrey, Fournette WR: Chark, Sutton, Jeffrey TE: Everett, OJ Howard Bench: Dorsett, AB, P. Williams Good idea?
  8. He Gives: Sutton I Give: Rodgers 1 PPR, 12 team, 2-3 on the year... I definitely need help in the WR department as Chark is the only guy I can rely on atm. When Barkley returns it'll take out my flex to use for a WR, meaning I will need either Jeffrey or an upgrade full time... I like the idea of Sutton. As for QB's on the wire we have Mariota, Bridgewater, Minshew, McCoy, Hodges, and Dalton..obviously Dan Jones on my pine. QB: Rodgers RB1: Barkley (out) RB2: McCaffrey WR1: Chark Jr WR2: Jeffrey TE: Everett/Howard FLX: Fournette DST: Titans/Niners K: Slye Bench: Preston Williams, Dorsett, DeVante Parker, AB, D. Jones
  9. Curious if I have any playing room with Barkley set to return fairly soon... PPR 12 team, 8 playoff spots, I am 2-3 (11th) but seventh place is also 2-3... QB: Rodgers RB1: Barkley (O) RB2: McCaffrey WR1: Chark Jr WR2: Jeffrey TE: OJ Howard FLX: Fournette D/ST: Niners K: Slye ------------------- Bench: Dorsett, Agholor, D. Parker, N. Fant, D. Jones, Titans, AB. Any ideas? I shipped Cooper and Kupp for McCaffrey a couple weeks ago, that's why I have both Barkley and CMC.
  10. Up 24 against George Kittle... I feel just fine for the dub this week.
  11. Any time I see Michel in a deal right now I'd pull the trigger. James White is a problem for Michel and like drop said, Golden Tate is just going to help Jones' situation...not to mention a healthier than expected return timetable from Barkley.
  12. Can't decide on who to trust this week as my flex & TE... PPR Dorsett against Washington makes a ton of sense, but it's also Alshon against the Jets... With Agholor getting zero targets last week it's scary putting him out there, but something tells me he rebounds this week as NY goes after Jeffrey a bit harder. Alshon is the type of guy to go 0-0-0 and then go 8-87-2... Howard recording 6 points when his team scored 55 points has to be the scariest thing as an owner...but the Saints give up top 12 points to TE's... Fant isn't the best TE out there, but the Chargers aren't great at covering the big boys either. Lineup: QB: Rodgers RB1: McCaffrey RB2: Fournette WR1: Jeffrey WR2: Chark TE: Fant vs. Howard FLX: Agholor vs. Dorsett D/ST: Titans K: Slye
  13. At this point I'd gladly trade a glass of real orange juice for OJ Howard...