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  1. Why are people hating on him so much? He was never gonna be the first round stud he was last year, even if he stayed in OKC. He is averaging great numbers this year 21 6 4 1.3 steals and 3 threes a game on good ft% and okay fg%. I love when superstars go on a cold streak and owners get so over the top about them. Do any harden owners feel the same way atm? Idk i might just have extra love for this guy, but i feel like we cant really complain with 13,9 and 7 after 3 injuries to his hamstring, its a god send that he is even out there playing tbh. He will get hot next week and people will be saying "never doubted him!" and i cannot wait.
  2. Love is the problem IMO. Great player on a team with good team defence but when you need both your bigs to be able to guard perimeters etc, love is the guy who is letting the cavs down. Put nance in there who can defend and distribute ata higher rate, and i think the cavs will have some words to say in 2-3 years time
  3. Still not enough love for this kid 26 5 and 8 with 3 steals 1 block and 7 THREES?????? Does he need to break Wilts 100 points in a game record for people to appreciate this guy? Props to him after being benched halfway thorugh this season then getting his body and mind healthy and showing out every game since.
  4. #28 ranked player over the last month according to BBM anyone? This guy is actually a better prime draymond green bar 1 block. Tasty stat lines every night and unlike a lot of players is producing gems even if the shot isnt falling.
  5. When he comes off an injury he always starts slow no matter how serious it was. Last time he was out first game back he got 8 4 and 4 almost identical to todays game in almost the same minutes. He didnt have his normal allotment of run in each quarter getting subbed 2 mins earlier than usual and his rhythm will come back fairly quickly. Id buy low asap cause i think they wont want to drop many positions before playoffs. He will never be the 2019 PG we all have grown to love, but if he can be somewhere around the 20 6 and 4 with defence and high volume of 3s, he will be a top 15 player rest of the year.
  6. They wouldnt put a questionable tag on him if there wasn't a chance he sits, could still have some nagging pain there. Rivers is a cautious man
  7. Questionable tomorrow. I assume he misses tomorrows game and then he returns healthy for the end of the season. We all dodged a bullet us PG owners.
  8. To be fair his counting stats are great, he was just a bit put off by the quick 2 fouls and has had an off shooting night. I cant really complain if he gets like 9 assists and 2 steals
  9. Lol heard your cries i guess, just got 7 quick points hahaha
  10. I thought this was all targets not just WW pickups, id hope he is rostered in all leagues tbh haha
  11. Sexton anyone? Feel as if he has a point to prove after only getting into the rising stars because tyler herro was injured. Was on a tear to start the new year and i think his assist numbers are rising with the chemistry with nance jr and drummond rising. Could be a game changer when the reg season starts again.
  12. How do we know this is a multiple games missed injury? For all we know it was just bothering him so they held him out for the rest of the game as he was having a poor one anyway. I think that the fact that it was last game before all star break is only a positive for us owners, and i think he might only miss one game after if any. Could be wrong and it is in fact a multiple weeks injury, but people are so quick to be pessimistic. People saying i hope he is back for fantasy playoffs, this is surely worst case scenario.