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  1. He recieved in the bucks game and played through the 4th quarter with it apparently. Didnt look to bother him just a bit of soreness. If he misses tomorrow he will likely play the next game.
  2. Chill guys, trae didnt even get to 20 points. Everyone on that team had a dud besides hunter. Watch them blow up next game!!
  3. Im holding in a 10 team league as when he puts all together in 30 mins he is incredible. Much like tonights game he can fill the stat sheet and some by just getting the chance and the toucches.
  4. I love this guy, i think his fg% is completely not sustainable but if he can score 14 pts with the other stats he is top 50 rest of the way
  5. Considering he could walk under his own pressure hopefully means only 1 or 2 games off, kids a machine and rarely misses bulk time.
  6. Teague will literally just play goodwins role, they brought him in for leadership, huerter will be fine he will still handle the ball more than teague.
  7. I mean you could argue for both right now, but with love almost definitely getting traded and burks propbably getting traded also to be a role player on a championship team, i think darius has way better upside, i think his floor is around burks' value.
  8. I mean as long as he continues putting up 5 rebounds 4 assists and a steal its a welcome sight
  9. I love how well you took this, i expect nothing but retaliation from people in this thread, so hats off for being civil haha. Yeah . i agree with everything you are saying. I love gasol but im stacked with scorers on my team so having players that can fill it up elsewhere (gasol, bruce brown, huerter) is a fantastic advantage to have.
  10. I dont understand the argument about 'he is ranking within 100" (sorry not going at you just using your quote as an example haha). I understand that the top 100 players on the player rater gives a great indication on whether players are good for your league or not, but some players are ranked lower then their actual stats indicate. For example, chris paul is ranked higher than trae young, but you would have to give paul and another quality player to even be considered getting young. So i think arguing him being in the top 100 is not the greatest argument. For clarification, i agree that he should be added in 10 teamers, as i have him, but its solely because i need a centre that can get assists. Certain players have better values on certain fantasy teams. Also i agree with your outlook that a team with some flashy players wont always win against a well built squad with some sneaky value players at the end of their bench.
  11. Try trade levert for any value in a 2 for 1 situation then pick up garland, he will in my opinion easily be a better fantasy option ROS than levert
  12. This kid looks great when he is in pick and roll situations, seems to always do the right thing. I cant wait for the cavs to trade love and let darius go wild cause he could put up some insane numbers if they do.
  13. a weird flex that has every chance to back fire, thats saucy
  14. Does anyone think darius garland could start becoming the pickup of the year, kid screams fantasy stud with points high 3s and high assist potential