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  1. Simply the best player in fantasy football this year. McCaffrey might be able to make a case for the 2nd half of the season but he's got a lot of catching up to do.
  2. From an internet laughing stock in philly to a respectable WR2/WR3. Oh how far we have come.
  3. CMC is a better pass catcher than Davis though? 🤔 Actually come to think of it, I don't know of a single aspect of the game Davis is better at.
  4. Really like him as a buy low option but I'd doubt smart owners are selling
  5. I'd still put in a reasonable waiver bid for Hyde and take the gamble. At least Hyde is guaranteed a big role if he does play. Backup plan is to scoop up Dallas as a free agent because I'm not even sure how the situation would play out if Hyde did get injured.
  6. This backfield is something to avoid unless either Singletary or Moss gets injured. With Allen vulturing touchdowns and the Bills passing so much, I see a ceiling of 12 pts for either back. Neither back has great td upside (Singletary just scored once in the 2 games Moss went down) and neither back has demonstrated they can rush efficiently on the 10 or so limited carries. Definitely worth holding on to but it'd be a really shaky start for either at the flex spot considering all the respectable options at WR this year.
  7. I also avoid stacking my qb and the opposing defense. Considering almost all of the points of a defense comes from turnovers, pts allowed and sacks, I will never start a qb and the opposing D. Most of the time, I bench that D for the week.
  8. Also the panthers have cut WR Seth Roberts to make roster room. I think this is a pretty telling indication that they’re at least seriously considering bringing McCaffrey back this week.
  9. might not be 100% but there’s no way I waited 5+ weeks just to sit him when he’s available. My other options are possibly Bernard and Boston Scott and they might not even be playable if their respective starters are healthy. I don’t think the average cmac owner has anyone remotely close to his level of production as a backup option. It’s been a long 5 weeks
  10. And of course we have this negative nancy. All things considered I think he has a chance to play week 8. Week 9 all but guaranteed barring setbacks
  11. I don’t think it’s even a stretch to say he’s a borderline wr1 (Compare him to someone like Allen Robinson in terms of stats). He’s top5 in receptions and 2nd in receiving yards before today’s game. He’s checking every box except touchdowns. Reminds me a bit of 2017 Julio Jones. Hopefully the tds will come.
  12. Yeah it’s wishful thinking but if they were the Lions of old, and with 12 targets a game, Golladay would easily be a top3 WR. He’s just that good
  13. I agree. They’re really setting up the running game and it’s somewhat working. As a downside, there just aren’t that many high quality targets to go around between Hockenson, Golladay, and Jones. Not to mention the occasional dump offs to the running back and Amendola.
  14. Lack of opportunity made him look like a rusty garden hoe today.
  15. This situation is impossible to tell. Wilson and Mckinnon split when Mostert first went down. Then Mckinnon pretty much took over all 3 downs over Wilson. Then Mostert goes down and Wilson and Hasty take over. If you have Hasty and Mckinnon, they’re certainly worth holding but I gotta see some stability at the RB rotations before I start either of them. Hasty certainly looks like the hot hand right now.