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  1. Weed’s legal there. This experiment was doomed from the start.
  2. Might be fluky or whatnot to throw for 5 tds. But the games where he throws for 1 or 2 tds, he’s bound to put up 100 yards and maybe a rushing td. He will be a good bet to be a top 3 Q.B. next year. In most drafts, that’s worth 2-3rd round pick. The way I see it: you can wait on a Q.B. and hope a late rounder hits. But if you hit on a late round WR or RB, you’re in great shape too, like this year’s Henry or Edelman. It doesn’t really matter where you find the value in late rounds. But I wouldn’t fret about selecting Lamar if you feel he’s a safe top 2-3 Q.B.
  3. HAHAHAHA. This aged well in a matter of two days.
  4. I see no reason for concern here. He's putting up a historic season and even with the red flags, ranks as a top 3 qb at worst on paper. Maybe this will age badly in a few hours, who knows...
  5. Week 16? I think most people are more concerned with what's going to happen in week 15. Most won't live to see a week 16 if Mack puts up a dud.
  6. Prescott has played really badly recently but with the exception of the NE game, he has delivered some pretty good performances fantasy-wise. As last game showed, it only takes him a little over 1 quarter of garbage time to turn an awful day into a respectable day. You can't really say that about a waiver level replacement. I gotta stick with him this week.
  7. The Steelers in those days had the perfect system in place. Amazing route running receiver who could get separation on any intermediate to long route with great hands, great offensive line, a gunslinger qb who was not afraid to challenge you deep. All those pieces worked to give Bell an amazing system to thrive in. Of course, he is also definitely better than your typical system RB.
  8. One of the biggest teases in fantasy. Will absolutely blow up for 20+ points when percentage of owners starting him is under 20%
  9. I would say Cook's situation was a bit different. Whenever Cook was healthy, the Vikings treated him as their every down back and gave him the majority of the work. Guice is still splitting reps with AP and losing pass down work to Thompson. He has to overcome not only the injury but then somehow gain the Redskins' trust enough to beat out his competition. That's a pretty tall order and I would think the first on the pecking order for the redskins would be AP to start the season and maybe a rookie RB as well and his ADP should reflect that. He might be able to do it and it did seem like the Redskins gave him the bellcow treatment somewhat to begin the season, although it was fairly short lived. I will say that the lead back on this super conservative Redskins offense yields great value and upside if a clear winner emerges but hesitant to crown Guice just yet.
  10. Never seen someone as polarizing as Eli in terms of good vs bad. Beat Prime Brady twice when the patriots. That patriots team was like the 73-9 warriors lol. But then you have other times where he’s a statue in the pocket with no pocket presence whatsoever. Is he going to be in the HoF?
  11. Dion Lewis if Henry can’t go. Can probably get him after waivers to avoid burning a waiver spot for him. Hamstring injuries are always scary.
  12. honestly the giants offense do look better with Eli but his time is up. It’s gonna damage the rookie’s confidence if they bench him. No path forward but to stay with the rookie.
  13. Needed Jeffrey to score less than 17 half ppr. Praise the lord to fight another week 🙏
  14. I have no idea but I don't think I would blow a pick on him before then is my point. I would rather pick up a projected premium handcuff before picking him up, like a Mattison or Pollard.