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  1. I would do it based on need. I really see no fault with it, get sekou
  2. Dont use your number 1 waiver on him, especially with the players on your team. I would stand pat and see if he clears.
  3. I am in a 9 Cat 10 team league I understand that OG has been struggling as of late, being quite inconsistent and passive in the games that I have watched him in. But I wanted to know if I should bail on him and drop him for MPJ or Sekou? Im currently atop of my league. Do we think OG will snap out of this slump? Or should I pick up one of those young guys? WHIR
  4. Noel Nance Hartenstien Biyombo And starters minutes are in that order as well!
  5. Yeah, I say stand pat. I dont really think Conley can give what Huerter does.
  6. BAM and PG, I would do in a heart beat, especially if you need a come up for the middle of the pack. Do the trade.
  7. Yeah would def have to see your team. On Face value though, I would stick with SGA and Powell
  8. if youre first, Idk if it is worth all the risk, especially with the amount of injured bodies youre already carrying. I would stand pat for now... especially with not much clarity on KATs return.
  9. I would do it, Holmes one of the better centers in the fantasy game at the moment, and he can help with your rebounding!
  10. I would keep jokic even if youre punting those categories, cause he gives you points and assisst...which aren't classified as big men categories.Keep Jokic
  11. Try to get Kemba, but if you cant get Kemba, then go for Jrue. Kyrie is good but the uncertainty would kill me lol
  12. Nurkic if you have IR, Powell because he is available and Thomas Bryant will be back soon!