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  1. I am in a keeper dynasty league. Somebody offered me Yasmani Grandal for Aquino. Both have similar salaries. He would trade me Grandal IF he re-signs with the Brewers. Should I go through with the trade?
  2. He has talent, but he's pretty much done for this year. But then again, he will face the lowly Royals next. I'm in a pickle.
  3. I don’t have Wood on my fantasy team, but as a Reds’ fan, I am rather disappointed in his 2019 performance
  4. Cubs with the lead. Possible win for Darvish?
  5. Darvish serves one up to Evan Longoria *sigh*
  6. Nikka is made on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. It's stronger than sake.
  7. Go Darvish! And don't give me a hangover! Caleb Smith is making his first start for me. I'm trying for a serious ratio run.
  8. I hate to bring up someone on ‘roids but Sammy Sosa struck out a lot, especially early in his career, and the Cubs decided to live with that. Turns out, Sosa thrived, high K rate and all.
  9. Aquino is 5 for his last 25, with 4 home runs. I think he will be a “feast or famine” hitter, with a low average but a lot of home runs.
  10. Jesus Sanchez has picked it up since being dealt to the Marlin organization (.316, 4 HR in 38 AB)
  11. Big start for Wheeler. I'm glad I've stuck with gim through thick and thin, but this start against the Braves will be a crucial test.
  12. So far, so good for Darvish. I still have my gin bottle close though.
  13. Swanson has a .606 OPS since the all-star break with zero RBI and I am worried
  14. I've had him since April. He's been solid. I'm worried he might be traded and might not be closer on his new team.