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  1. Please tell me you’re not a Justin Bieber fan.😬
  2. Of all the cards I had, I sold EXACTLY one. It was a Dave Dravecky 1990 Score. I had a classmate who was from a very religious family. The pitcher, who was a very religious man himself, had his arm amputated after the 1990 season I believe because of cancer. Dude snapped his arm throwing a pitch that could be heard through the stadium. Anyway, he knew I collected cards and asked if I would sell one to him and for how much. I told him I really don’t know, how about a buck. Sure as hell he gave me a dollar for it the next day at school and I proceeded to buy a pack of Upper Deck with that dollar, the only profit I ever made from a card!
  3. Strategy? I don’t even remember who’s on my team.😂
  4. Here’s my team for some context. My team: C - Kelly, Smith 1B - Abreu 2B - Marte SS - Lindor 3B - Devers MI - A. Rosario CI - Moncada OF - Castellnos, Robles, Laureano U - W. Calhoun, E. Escobar, A. Garcia SP - Snell, Corbin, Flahtery, Gallen, Giolito RP - Gallegos, N. Anderson, OPEN, OPEN BENCH - (MUST BE DROPED before reserve draft, if not packaged in offseason trade) C. Smith, L. Urias, J. Rojas, McKay, Refroe, Kopech, MINORS - (Proected) Adell, W. Franco
  5. I remember buying packs of cards at my local grocery store for 35 cents. When upper deck came out in ‘89, I could only find them at the drug store for a whopping dollar. I thought why buy that when I can buy three packs of topps or donruss for the same price at the grocery store. i did splurge once in a while on upper deck, Never pulled a Griffey, but I did pull a Randy Johnson rookie. That just jogged another memory. If I bought cards at the drug store walking home from school, I always cut across the court yard of an assisted living facility for the elderly. Most times I did that, an old man named Ralph who would sit outside his apartment and ask me if I got any good cards. I would tell him what I got and and who I think would be good or not. Damn...I bet that old man had some stories to tell if I wasn’t in a big hurry to get home and put my worthless cards in binders.🙁
  6. Yeah...I, like many of you, failed to get a great ROI during the junk wax era.🙁
  7. Max Scherzer and Ozzie Albies or Blake Snell and Yoan Moncada Keeper forever 6x6 (Holds and OBP) 12 teams. WHIR as always!
  8. I have all my “valuable” cards here at home with the vast majority of them at my parents house. I have so many stories. One, I opened a single pack of upper deck collectors choice and pulled a Ken Griffey Jr. gold autograph and my friend who operated the card shop (those exist anymore?) and he offered me any one item in his shop for it, which booked at the time, $200. I said nope! another is a friend of mine came to my house to wheel and deal. I traded like 10 Kenny Lofton rookie cards for his one 1982 Topps cal Ripken rookie card.
  9. This really took me back! I still have my 100,000 cards between my house and my parents house.
  10. I actually met him by chance at a rodeo a few years back. One of my childhood favorites!
  11. Scary time to be undergoing chemotherapy. He has stage 3 colon cancer.
  12. A 2021 Bold Prediction thread will be started in August.
  13. Most home runs given up in a career. MLB - Jamie Moyer (522) AL - Frank Tanana (422) NL - Warren Spahn (434)