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  1. You sound like me. Poor guy! Except I’m a Royals fan.😂
  2. Yordan and Buhler for me. I think you got to keep a stud pitcher. Help?
  3. Tough call. I like the steady production that Rendon would provide. You can lock him in and not lose sleep over his production.
  4. I would hold. As mccdowellstl said, 2B is weak and you have one of the top 2B in the game. You’re potential trading for just 10-15 more home runs just to make a sacrifice in the ave and sb categories. Not worth it. Please help?
  5. I believe it’s an upgrade across the board for you, and you’re getting the best shortstop in the game. Do it. Help with mine?
  6. This is a great thread to help get me to spring training!
  7. I’m setting the over/under of bench-clearing brawls involving Houston at 3.
  8. I should mention that of the six pitchers, I plan on keeping Lamet, Gallen and Wheeler as of now (to go with Corbin and Flaherty). So the other three are expendable and the owner is in need of an SP.
  9. He plays in a league without any pitching.😂 Anyway, Marte gives you some flexibility between IF and OF. He is for real. Stanton will mash, but only if he stays on the field, which is a crapshoot. I would do this deal. Help with mine?
  10. Damn...I would probably keep Story, Bellinger, Alverez and Marte. I’d probably keep Gorman as your NA. Help with mine?
  11. 12-team 6x6 roto keeper league where we can keep as long as we want. I give: Marte + one (1) of Gallen/Wheeler/Lamet/May/Kopech/McKay I receive: Albies. I love Marte, but have concerns about his playing time at 2B. Sounds he could be playing primarily at center. Thoughts? WHIR!
  12. Must be one of those unwritten rules. Cheat all you want, but keep it in house.🤔
  13. I’d keep Brantley and Cruz over Bauer and Puig. Otherwise, looks good. Help?