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  1. This guy’s best play was a breakaway run against the chargers and he got chased down from behind showing how slow and unathletic he really is. There will be better will more talented players coming into the league every year. Or teams with better situations. No need to invest in a jag on a suspect team.
  2. Garbage year for WR. Golladay led the league with 11 td’s.
  3. Not saying I would pass on cmc but the 400 touches is a huge concern. Him or the team didn’t do themselves any favors by riding him so hard in a lost season. It’ll be interesting to see how much decline there will be.
  4. He’s probably not a bad football player. Just not a great one. Nobody’s gonna confuse this guy with the skill level of a nuk or Antonio. At his size he needs to be elite at route running and hands. He’s pretty average.
  5. Mcvay is an idiot. Is he trying to pad his stats or something.
  6. He’s not good. You guys hoped he’d be good. He’s average, he’s slow. But if blaming the coach makes you feel better great.
  7. Why are they running him into the ground on a lost session? His career is gonna be shot in a couple years. And no I’m not going against him.
  8. I would say playing OBJ in your line ups is worse than Antonio not playing at all. People playing OBJ have been getting sunk with wr3 production all year. With the right moves you had opportunities to replace Antonio.
  9. Not if you were knocked out because of this dud. I’m glad everyone got their jollies with the blow up game but the reality is that his team is awful and it’s leading to game script issues in every game.
  10. League winner for some. This guy was sitting in the wire in some leagues after the terrible start.
  11. None of that is sustainable, complete fluke. The Texans let him score as it was complete garbage time. When the game was competitive, Brady’s noodle arm couldn’t get first downs.
  12. He kept getting injured. That’s the luck of the game. Nobody has a crystal ball that can tell you exactly what happens. At the right price I’ll pick him next year. He’s probably going 2nd round again
  13. He doesn’t play the jags every week. He’s gotta press against better teams.