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  1. Chriss completely changed his game on the Warriors. Dude used to be one of my least favorite players in the league and now I think he has a nice role carved out for him in the future. Great job by GSW front office.
  2. Thompson wont play another minute for Cleveland.
  3. I'm assuming these guys don't play tomorrow? GR3 definitely looks like a drop.
  4. Dude is gonna ball out with all the freedom in Houston.
  5. Reading the tea leaves, it seems like ATL is keeping Dedmon and running the Capela/Dedmon rotation. The third year on Dedmon's contract is essentially a 1 million dollar buyout so the deal is actually for about 1.5 years for ATL. I guess they are gonna make a run next year.
  6. That makes it much easier. We will see how the Rockets play it.. they certainly need at least a viable big man.
  7. I guess it's possible but not in this deal.. not sure how the salary would match up either
  8. There were no other additions to that deal as reported about 30 mins ago so I don't think that's gonna happen. In terms of Dedmon to HOU, is there any way the salary would even work out?
  9. There's a ton of usage for him to absorb so I'm holding. Just a bad night for the Warriors in general as they got blown out and were never in the game.
  10. He's definitely back on a hot streak.. helps that Russell didn't suit up so Lee stole some of his usage. Keep an eye on whether Russell gets dealt because that would make Lee an easy easy add.
  11. His jumper looks BROKEN. Having watched all 3 games so far, he has absolutely killed the Pacers on the offensive side. Obviously understandable but still expected more than this.
  12. Damn whats the timetable on that exactly, after the game possibly? Kind of wish Fantasy Basketball had an IR+ spot like hockey as well. Would be nice considering all the rest/injuries.
  13. Sprained MCL.. I'm guessing 2-4 weeks maybe? Also don't understand why Yahoo didn't put him as INJ considering Norm Powell hurt his finger and got the INJ immediately with the same "no timetable" diagnosis.