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  1. Week 16: “Yup I’m holding until I see how this backfield shakes out.”😂
  2. Eagles or Chargers based on opponent giveaways. I hate Thursday Night and Chargers are fresh off a bye. Advantage Chargers.
  3. Tampa is a good D and they just made a trade to somewhat fill the void of Vita Vea. I like picking them up over KC.
  4. Currently have Pats and Rams. Should I keep both or just drop the Rams?
  5. A+ You already have Kittle, so good trade to get a RB upgrade.
  6. Stick with it. Your fortunes are bound to change eventually.
  7. Doesn't matter sometimes. This game is mostly luck. I lead my league in points and I am 8th out of 12. So, the other teams don't necessarily need to be strong, just lucky in in the opponent they draw on any given week.
  8. Why? I'm carrying Rams and Patriots and wondering if I should just drop the Rams?
  9. I mean, nobody is shocked by this though, right? All projections had him back against Atlanta.
  10. Oh yeah. I was just talking about calling Bell a Kia. 🙂
  11. I think Chubb will be back then. I consider that good as the Browns can wear out defenses with Chubb.
  12. Depends. In any league 12 teams or over, yeah.