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  1. No, I think everyone realizes they both suck.
  2. Packers defense has been pyrite this season and it is finally coming home to roost. That and the fact that Aaron Rodgers just isn't that good anymore.
  3. Bet Philly will end up regretting not taking the 3 points when they score a TD and don’t convert the 2 points.
  4. Metcalf is going to be a steal WR1 next year.
  5. It looks like the Pats may be getting that playoff bye after all.
  6. Henry should be getting the ball every play. He’s unstoppable.
  7. I remember the Pats did the same thing this year. Now Hoodie is irritated. What goes around...😂
  8. I'm the f'ing Marvin Lewis of fantasy.
  9. I didn't draft him last year and wouldn't have. I liked what I saw though to close out the season. I had him the prior year and wasn't impressed even though he led the AFC in rushing. I do like what is ahead in 2020.
  10. I'd buy him the same as this year's ADP which was 2nd rd. And with a rookie QB, I'd feel very confident about his outlook.
  11. Hes' still fantasy trash though, regardless of his real life value.
  12. I think he is more than capable of being a #1. The problem I have is he has a case of the dropsies. He needs to correct that.
  13. Yeah, odd that there was no booth review.