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  1. I think Lamar Jackson will have a bad game, but they will do enough to beat the lousy Jets tonight. Fearless Forecast: 20/35, 202/1/2, and 8/44/0.
  2. Looking at that list, Boston Scott is a Hall of Famer.
  3. Fearless Forecast: 15/107/1 and 5/30/0 LOCK IT IN!
  4. Add Saquon Barkley for the games he's played in. Looked like absolute trash.
  5. Something is out of place there...🧐
  6. Saquon Barkley rushed 17 times for 66 yards and turned three catches into one yard in the Giants' Week 14 overtime loss to the Eagles. His four targets were the fewest on the team among five players who had a pass thrown their way for the Giants. It's just been that kind of season for Barkley, who has zero touchdowns over the last five weeks and no 100-yard rushing games since going down in Week 2 with a high-ankle sprain. Fantasy owners who drafted Barkley are likely not even in the playoffs (or limped in and got KOd by Barkley's lack of production last night), but he does catch a tasty Week 15 draw at home against the Dolphins where Barkley will be a lock-and-load RB1. Thanks for nothing! (
  7. All Saquon owners will celebrate the day Pat Shurmur 🤡 is fired. 🤬
  8. Giants deserved to lose. Not sure why the idiot coach doesn’t use Saquon.
  9. Just need three check downs to Barkley, 🤬. You think these dummies would try and burn some clock. Not Shurmur.
  10. It's a shame he's had these problems. He's got the talent to be great.
  11. I heard about the hit, but still haven't seen video of it. Was it helmet to knee contact or what?