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  1. I'd never let him fall past 2nd round. He's my dude. We ride together. We die together. Bad Boys for life!
  2. QB - Ryan WR - Julio, Kupp, Woods, Tate, Boyd, Gallup RB - DJ, Ekeler, MGIII, Mixon, Hunt Finished 7th (5-8). Toughest schedule and 5th in points.
  3. Just like the rest of my guys when I'm out. 🤣 But yeah, I hope he continues this run with in the consolation week.
  4. He'll be there until his rookie deal expires. Since when has Bill not kept JAGs around? He's got a stable of them.
  5. Pretty much, but we all make mistakes. I made a last minute call to pull the Saints D for the Packers D. That game just didn't feel right.
  6. But if it didn't happen it wouldn't have cost you, right?🤨
  7. Everybody was warned about him before Hunt even arrived. I'm sure he's pretty good in standard though, right?
  8. Ek just keeps doing his thing. Quietly, still the #3 RB in PPR.
  9. Pretty amazing stats. Having watched them both there is just something off about Winston. His decision making and his fumbles are a problem. INTs don't really bother me in context.
  10. The unpredictable fantasy football. 25% odds there and it was Raheem the Dream that went off.
  11. The only KC RB that'll be worth anything at this point is Damien. And he can't even get healthy enough to play.
  12. Just looked at the stats and Shady got 12 total touches, Darwin got 8, and Spencer got 6.
  13. I was talking about carries and touches, not snaps. I know carries went like I said, but not sure about the total touches.
  14. Complain about Kupp all you want, but at least he’s not the ultimate decoy like Brandon Cooks.
  15. But Russ is an MVP candidate so something is going right.
  16. Yeah, his reaction was like his season was over or he got his cheeseburger stolen.
  17. He wasn’t in the tent of death though.