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  1. Hey RW folks, I'm an experienced fantasy player trying to branch out into hockey, and running a 12 team redraft points league for people in a similar situation. We currently have 11 owners, and will be drafting this Saturday at 7 PM ET. The scoring is fairly standard: G- 3 A- 2 PPP- 1 SHP- 1 W (Goalies)- 5 GA- -1 SV- .09 (based on median GAA) SO- 3 Just need one more. Excited to learn hockey and get more into the sport!
  2. Planning on a free league but could poll owners on a relatively small buy-in.
  3. Hey there, I have a post up but we are seeking several owners for a 12 team redraft with very active owners trying to learn fantasy hockey this year. We wouldn't being schooled by someone with some experience in hockey!
  4. Hello all, I am the LM of a new redraft points league on ESPN with several owners that I've played fantasy football, basketball and baseball with for years now. This season we are trying out hockey alongside basketball in the fall, but not everyone from our other leagues were interested so I am looking outside of our circles for some active owners. Our leagues have a facebook chat where we talk sports and trades, but activity in the chat is not required, only active ownership. We are planning to use ESPN standard points scoring, head to head. If you have interest reach out to me however you like and we'll get you in! Currently the draft is tentatively set for next Saturday at 7 PM ET, but this is not set in stone and once the league is filled, I will poll the owners to find a date that works for everyone. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for reading EDIT: We currently have six owners locked in, with one more tentatively in. I am seeking owners in multiple places in the hopes of filling the league quickly.