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  1. Dalvin Cook until he week 15 Chris Godwin Austin Hooper hot fire start Picking up Will Lutz off WW Winning the title for the second year in a row because Rodgers busted and he benched Diggs for Boone 😂
  2. Lol you're right. First 2 time champion 😂
  3. Shout out to my opponent benching Diggs and starting Boone - and thank you Rodgers for scoring less pts than Jameis!😂 back to back champ, let's gooooo! 🏆🏆
  4. 2nd year playing, 2nd time crowned champion and the league's first back to back champ! 🏆🏆 I lost Godwin, Carson, Cook, and Mattison while Hopkins, Jameis and Anthony Miller crapping the bed. I was up by 19pts thanks to M. Sanders and Lindsay. Thankfully, his Rodgers busted and he subbed out Diggs for Boone at the last second, costing him the title. If he would have started Diggs then he would have been our first back to back champ.
  5. I need Rodgers and Boone/Diggs to score less than 19 pts in half ppr 😂😩 LFG!!
  6. I need Anthony Miller to extend my lead of 20 pts in half ppr! My matchup still has Rodgers and either Diggs or Boone left to play. LFG!!! 🔥🔥💪
  7. Yeah I get that. It just made my matchup more interesting 😂
  8. My league's settings for regular season tiebreaker is Most Bench Points, does this mean the playoffs tiebreaker is also Most Bench Points? If it is, then it would make total sense to drop Dalvin Cook for a player that is playing and can score extra points, in case if we were to end in a tie, right?
  9. Jameis and Hopkins... Not a great start for me. Meanwhile my opponent played Perriman and started Carlos Hyde at the last minute giving him 23 pts to my 15.
  10. Need a big 2nd half from Winston and Hopkins, LFG!! 💪🔥🔥