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  1. 11 INTs over 16 games is actually pretty good.
  2. A QB that throws for 4300 yards, with 22 TDs and 11 INTs, completes 66% of his passes with a 7.5 Yards Per Attempt is "incompetent"?
  3. Based on Dave Gettleman's 35 minute presser yesterday, Eli is the Giants 2019 starting QB. Gettleman: - blamed the Giants defense for the losses, admits the defense is bad, is ticked off they allowed the most points in the NFC East - Said "I had a candid conversation with Eli. Eli then took me to the low post and won" - this speaks volumes. - said the Giants had O-Line issues and that Eli was "running for his life" the 1st half of the season before they acquired RG Jamon Brown and stabilized the OL - said Eli put up good stats considering (4300 yards, 66%, 7.5 YPA, 22 TDs, just 11 INTs) - mentioned the Giants scored the most points in the NFC East - talked about never reaching for a QB in the draft, and how it can set you back many years
  4. Barkley will be a lock to play all 16 games. Most importantly - all the key playoff games, he will surely get the full workload. No high maintenance during the fantasy playoffs. The same cannot be said for Gurley.
  5. The most underappreciated Fantasy player in 2018. Set and forget WR1 numbers.
  6. So who gets the workload, Williams or Ware?
  7. Who is starting this week, D Will or Ware?
  8. Does this contract mean he will get the workload over Spencer Ware?
  9. You drafted him for his Floor as well. He had his Floor season. Not even close to being a bust. Jordan Howard is a bust. Not DJ
  10. How the hell is David Johnson a bust? He's literally an RB1
  11. Nah, OBJ can't separate from corners this year. Tape shows it. Giants dropped 40 points on the road without him.
  12. How is Eli cooked? His season stats: 68% completion 7.6 YPA Better than 2-1 TD-INT ratio On pace for 4200+ yards 96 passer rating Played behind worst OL in NFL the 1st 8 games