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  1. Yep TD bonus league 6-12 pts in position 12-24 out of pos.
  2. standard non-ppr with TD bonus... QB Tanehill/RB Elliot, Ekeler/WR ARob, Kupp/Flex Boone/TE Waller/DST Pit /K Fairbairn 1) Flex: Boone vs GB (may share touches with Mattison) Peterson vs NYG Hooper vs JAC Deebo Samuel vs LAR Mike Williams vs OAK A Miller vs GB (already starting ARob, so leaning away from Anthony) 2) Play any WR over Kupp/ARob? Maybe Kupp has a good game but I think Kittle/Deebo get peppered and opportunity will certainly be there for Big Mike, too. Thoughts? WR2 is my hardest decision. ARob's matchup aint great but I'm certainly starting him.
  3. The 56 points Coleman got me in week 8 was a real teaser...
  4. Tough call on him this week. [...] I’d be high on Miller but like others have said can’t see playing a receiver core that’s dependent on Mitch in a tough WR matchup vs KC. That said, they are most susceptible to slot receivers, I believe.
  5. def not... Austin Hooper has 48 receptions for 547 yards and five touchdowns with the Falcons trailing this season. He has 13 receptions for 113 yards and one score when they've been tied or ahead on the scoreboard. The absence of Ridley makes Hooper the offense's de facto No. 2 receiver, but Jones is clearly in position to pick up the slack all by himself. Treat Hooper as more of a low-end TE1 in a matchup that should allow the Falcons to run the ball as they please.
  6. I could bench Hooper, just back from injury, but he's been a monster. I guess it would come down to Scarborough, Doyle(FA), Kirk or Pascal over Hooper.
  7. All decent options, I'd prob go Singletary, though. I have Singletary at RB19, and the others at WR32 and WR35.
  8. Starting Cousins in one league, playing against Mahomes (and starting Winston) in the other... I'd have a hard time sitting Mahomes if I were you. Good Luck.
  9. I think I'd start Fitz, too, even in the cold...
  10. A lot of people are probably going by Chark's history vs Pascal's... I like Pascal a lot this week, but would have to sit Hooper/Waller in one league to play him and Andrews/Waller or Boyd/Parker in another. A case can certainly be made for starting Pascal, but relying on Indy seems...risky. In two games without Hilton, Brissett averaged a whopping 13 pts. Good luck!
  11. Opponent has Mahomes, Gurley, Hunt, Diggs, Evans, Thomas, Fells, 49ers, Koo 8 team non-ppr w/ touchdown bonus... I'm off to a decent start with 4 TDs from Zeke/Arob, unfortunately none were long TDs... Ekeler is the RB3 due to some monstrous games, our scoring favors RBs who catch TDs 1) Start any of my other receivers? Over who? 2) We feeling good about PIT this week? Could start Ravens, Rams, Packers, Bucs... Cousins vs DET Elliot @ CHI... 21 pts Ekeler @ JAX Cupp vs SEA ARob vs DAL... 16 pts Waller vs TEN FLEX Hooper vs CAR K Gay vs IND bench: Tannehill, Fitzpatrick Hooper Pascal, BWM, Kirk, G. Tate, Deebo Breida/Coleman, Scarborough, L.Murray FA: Laird, Powell
  12. I ended up dropping Eagles for Vikings but was considering Houston, too. Eagles do have a good record vs NYG, though.