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  1. Thanks, that's actually how I've been leaning heavily. Have a tough matchup and think they have the best shot. There's a little risk with both which has me considering other options.
  2. I'd prob go Gibson and Williams here. Partially because if Jones sits they have the least risk.
  3. Thanks for help with mine. Initially, I think not much improvement for you. Even though the Bears O sucks ARob is such a target hog and with his skillset always has some upside. Drake and CEH close to a wash with the Bell signing, but I'd be looking to deal Drake and prefer a back on KC. TEN has a tough schedule but I love Brown and his QB, so I guess I could support this move. The others convinced me.
  4. 12 team ppr: Tanny, Evans, Fuller, Zeke, Hunter Henry, NE dst Need RB and Flex (been giving me a headache): J.Jackson vs Jags M.Gordon vs KC Tee Higgins vs CLE Deebo at NE Diontae at TEN Kirk, Tre'Quan, L.Murray, and even McKissic are somewhat intriguing options, too. Thanks! WHIR
  5. I agree with above. Lamb and Gio may be the safer play. In my case, haven't been able to talk myself out of sitting JJ but may go with MG3 or Deebo vs Pats instead. gl
  6. I'd def sit Jacobs (certainly tempering expectations) vs Bucs but JRob is close call due to tough matchup.
  7. Yep Evans and Drake. Have them ranked around at about 17 at their respective positions, for what it's worth, with Lamb/Higgins ranked back to back 9 spots lower.
  8. Need highest upside vs my week 7 opponent; league scoring gives bonuses based on length/type of TD. Including QB's fantasy points thus far: Ben @ Tennesee (33 pts,31,29,bye,33,15) or Stafford @ ATL (17 pts, 22,25,31,bye,13) passing TD 6-12 pts rushing TD 12-24 pts receiving TD 12-24 pts 1 pt per 25 pass yards, 1 pt per 10 rush yards
  9. No reason to believe Jones misses more than a week. Pack just being smart/careful with their star asset.
  10. I’d be careful here—calf injuries are no joke
  11. No. Situational meaning box score doesn't reflect talent, just how a player did in a given game. Calling Diontae an average talent is not accurate. /end