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  1. My dude!!! (Jones) Duking it out with a McCoy owner, and need him bad
  2. If I'm reading this right, you would be getting Bell? If so, yes! Take that deal Help?
  3. In my opinion, Adams is the safer gamble ROS, should he be back by next week. BM and OBJ just aren't clicking.
  4. If this is redraft, I would do this to get Thomas. While Murray has a tough road ahead, he has a had a solid floor, and you should be in a good position. Help?
  5. You're going to have to monitor the injury reports with both Keenan and Jacobs banged up... If Keenan is active, I feel like you have to play him (always play your studs)... However, John Brown is probably the play here against that atrocious Philly secondary
  6. This is a tough one for sure, but I think Tate has the most potential. Edmonds & Ekeler will have their work cut out for them to produce against 2 good defenses. With Sterling still likely out, and a weaker Lions Pass D, Tate has most the upside here. Help?
  7. Not sure it would be worth dropping anyone you've got rostered for a TE that you probably won't be able to move for someone with more value than you've let go... I would stay put. Help?
  8. I would pull the trigger. As said, Thomas is a huge pickup for you, and really balances your team out nicely with proven stud power. You could also use Freeman to go after another high upside WR
  9. Need trade help: Le'Veon Bell & Tyrell Williams (mine) for Nick Chubb & Allen Robinson (his) This is for my 10 team league, half ppr, 2QB/2RB/3WR/2FLEX/TE, 6pt TDs, where we get 5 keepers every season (no stipulation). At first glance, this is very attractive, and I'm a big fan of Nick Chubb, but I'm feeling some hesitancy on pulling the trigger. I'm concerned about what Kareem Hunt is going to do to the back field moving forward - not just this season. Bell has an extra juicy schedule rest of season, and is going to be the bell cow for the foreseeable future. While I'm 3-4 (6th), I have an 82% chance of making the playoffs. Most of my losses have been due to bad luck - my opponent putting up huge numbers that week, and me getting costly duds from some of my guys + losing Barkley for several weeks... My Team: QB - Wentz, Murray, Darnold RB - Barkley, Bell, Lindsay, McCoy, Ty Johnson WR - JuJu, Diggs, Boyd, E. Sanders, T. Williams, D. Jackson TE - Kittle D/ST - NE K - Gould WHIR
  10. [...] Feel like he could go off, but also worried they'll get a lead early, and just run it down their throats. Cousins has really stepped up lately after all the criticism, so maybe a revenge game will add another splash of gas on the fire...
  11. Officially an owner in 1 of my leagues... Don't really know what I'm signing up for here, but fingers crossed this dude produces! I'd imagine if Detroit made a move for Kenyan Drake - TJ would be immediately droppable?
  12. Uggghhh!!! I just cannot afford to have Fuller out this game... So frustrating.