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  1. Thanks for mine. Definitely Miller with the volume he's getting, and Freeman for flex
  2. Thanks for mine, I agree with the above. A Jones and Drake
  3. This is driving me insane. Already had my Hopkins disappoint against their Perriman and Houston DST. DJ Moore @ IND (Will Grier factor) or DeAndre Washington @ LAC
  4. Fuller's hammy is the only thing making me hesitate - otherwise he's a definite start in this matchup. I guess monitor pre-game on his status and if you don't feel comfortable with the update, I'd go with Perriman.
  5. Oops, misread. I'd go AJ Brown, Perriman, and Boone.
  6. If Cook/Mattison are out, it's Boone for sure. If not I think I'd go with AJ Brown.
  7. Landry, Miller (15 targets last week!), and Washington for me. Here's mine:
  8. Thanks for mine. I'm leaning Waller, but I read they just lost an OT which may result in more blocking work. Might be something to keep an eye on. If not Waller, I'd go with Hollister.