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  1. I want to but I have no idea what Jacobs will play and how much he will play. This is a FF nightmare now.. Made the playoffs but not sure what the status will be for a feature RB.
  2. I benched him. I picked up Washington but I don't really like that matchup. Going with plan B by using Sterling Shepard.
  3. 8 11 5 10 That's his last four games. If he can keep on getting about 8-9 targets a game, he could be a good sneaky pick for finding TEs at this stage of the season.
  4. Wouldn't Richard Sherman cover him next week? The 49ers D seems solid. Not sure what to think this week? I did start him yesterday. Pretty much anytime you play against Miami, you start...
  5. 3 games in a row with 100 yards rushing.
  6. I could see that with Bell once Darnold comes back. One thing to be concern about is his YPC. In every game, it's below 4 yards.
  7. I would put Carson over DJ and Gurley. DJ's oline is terrible. Gurley gets half the carries he used to get. Could argue Carson over Bell. For myself, it's not just about the player. It's about what the offense setup. Carson benefits with Wilson which helps to over trump the typical big RB names.
  8. IMO, low end RB1 He was good last year. In particular the last half of the season. Had like six 100 yard rushing games.
  9. Back to back 100 yard games. Beast mode... Just needs to work on getting more TDs.
  10. Fitz is going to get opportunity in this offense. Especially if it turns shootout. Not surprised. He lead his team in targets with 13.
  11. Final stat after OT are... 9 Targets 6 Receptions 131 yards 23 yard TD I started him due to Jordan Reed's injury. Might be a good option for the season now.
  12. 124 yards 23 yard TD 5 receptions Not bad for an opening day rookie TE....
  13. Crazy! That impact a lot of players and people in my FF. None of it hurts me....haha!!!!
  14. It wouldn't surprise me if DT takes over Williams starting role. Williams better not get hurt anytime soon IF he wants to keep his starting gig...