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  1. I guess this looks promising. Thx for the info.
  2. Don’t understand why they would rush him back or continue to play him if his ankle was bothering him, cause to me he definitely looked like he was bothered by it from the beginning to the end of the game. I also agree with the above posters, I noticed alot this yr that he has been overly exhausted and short of breath.
  3. All true, and yeah it was very obvious his ankle was bothering him all game.
  4. Any word on this guy playing this week? He looked gimpy all game and even worse towards the end of the game on Sunday.
  5. Edmonds finna cook after the bye week, glad I got some shares. Easily RB2 and the possibility of RB1 territory. PPR beast
  6. Let’s stop making a mountain out of a molehill here because of ur laziness to scroll back. That was a conversation between myself and someone else, if u want to get an understanding or more details u should be smart enough to go back and get those answers within the conversation, shouldn’t be so complicated, 🤦🏻‍♂️.
  7. ⬆️I agree.....this would be the shadiest of all moves that u can do in fantasy football.
  8. Is this a serious question 🤣? Wish I had u in my league.....geeesh.
  9. Last yr if I can remember correctly he was doing very well for most of the yr and putting up some gd #’s, but then he flopped in the playoffs and let down many owners when they needed him the most, that stuck in my head and was the 1 of the reasons I looked past him in all my drafts along with thinking Seattle would be a run heavy offense. [...] he was drafted in the 5th-6th rds, definitely can be a league winner if he can come thru in the playoffs this yr. Congrats to whoever owns this stud.
  10. Wow such a j cat move if I ever seen one....what u think is insulting may not be to others. So....because what u think is an insulting offer gives u the right to do such a bush move(lurking with ur finger on the accept button if ur player gets a season ending injury)? I would never want guys like u in any of my leagues. I get it...some managers may not have nothing better to do besides sending bunk trade offers as a joke, some guys in my leagues have a reputation of doing so,(like the above poster said, they deserved to get dog slapped) but I usually reject right away and move on or just ignore it. Just think that’s a weak a&$ move to say the least.
  11. Nah, Drake is washed and injured, no brainer......this is Edmonds and Eno’s backfield from here on out