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  1. Suppose to be storming tomorrow for Eagles game, should I stick with Jake Elliot or pick up Matt Gay? Elliott vs Giants Gay vs Colts Whir
  2. Got to roll with Chark, don’t overthink things I believe he’s a Top 10 WR this year Help with mine please
  3. Bump
  4. Mixon
  5. Pitt for sure to many playmakers boom potential...bad weather games seem to offer a safe floor but not a high ceiling, plus Philly Defense is not that good. Help with mine please
  6. Penny IMO, I feel Drake and Penny offer the safest floor Drake has a very tough matchup vs Pitt but could also be a safety blanket for a banged up Kyler Murray. gl help with mine
  7. Id lean towards Doyle IMO, but if you need boom potential Waller can offer storming over here in Oakland, very wet conditions could be bad for Waller or bode well as a safety blanket for Carr help with mine
  8. I’d go Jamal Williams and Singletary...Deebo would be my 3rd choice
  9. Who to start: Mark Andrews @ Bills or Hunter Henry @ Jags Factors: 1)Rain and high winds in Buffalo and 2)Myles Jack mlb out for Jags whir
  10. Henry....and I wouldn’t necessarily say that Doyle has a better matchup because I believe Myles Jack is out
  11. Why so quiet on Beasley? I feel He’s being slept on.