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  1. His upside is 53 PPR points because he literally did that 7 weeks ago. Noone is saying that hes consistent, or that you should start him, nor does it matter that hes not the WR1 or whatever. But his ceiling is literally one of the highest of all wide receivers in the game.
  2. Fuller had the 9th highest scoring PPR game by a wide receiver all-time in week 5 (53.7 points). Mammoth ceiling is spot on, in my opinion.
  3. Gurley is RB16 on the season while Odell is WR30.
  4. On Yahoo all players become free agents at 3AM eastern on Wednesday unless they were claimed on waivers. If they were claimed then they are locked until waivers are processed. You can pick up any unclaimed player at 3AM before waivers are actually run.
  5. Last 7 WRs to face the Jets: Conley 4-103-1 Chark 6-79-1 Keelan Cole 2-12-1 Preston Williams 5-72-2 DeVante Parker 4-57-1 Darius Slayton 10-121-2 Golden Tate 4-95-2 If Haskins/Redskins offense can't get the ball to McLaurin this game then its just not happening this year.
  6. DJ Moore with Kyle Allen: 55 targets, 79.4 half PPR points games under 10 points: 2 Rotoworld: WR1/WR2 Curtis Samuel with Kyle Allen: 51 targets, 79.3 half PPR points games under 10 points: 3 Rotoworld: boom or bust WR3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. OP doesn't need to be perfect on every call in order to have a good argument about Odell. The analysis for why Odell may have been likely to underperform was spot on.
  8. Redskins # number of pass attempts with Callahan are 25, 12, 21, 22 (12 was the mudbowl game). Theres minimal volume here and it probably won't get better with Haskins. Haskins pass attempts by quarter vs Buf: Q1 - 5 Q2 - 3 Q3 - 5 Q4 - 9 Redskins were behind for 53 minutes of the entire game, since Buffalo's TD with 8 min left in Q1.
  9. 74% snaps vs. Pit. 57 total snaps. 0 catches on 4 targets is concerning.
  10. In Fuller and Deshaun's 17 games together (excluding last game where he played 5 snaps before getting hurt) Fuller's receiving line is: 78/1226/14 16 game average - 73.4/1153/13.2 which is ~ 231 points in half-PPR which would be good for WR10 overall in 2018 stats. Even if we take out the first 7 games they played together (during which Fuller scored at least 1 TD in every game and had an insane total of 10 TDs) Fuller still has: 48/684/4 over 10 games 16 game average - 76.8/1094/6.4 ~ 186 half PPR points > WR17 in 2018 stats (between Lockett and Boyd).
  11. Dropped. No floor. No ceiling. No thanks. Would rather be disappointed by a waiver wire pickup.
  12. He's never played a game in the second half of the season with Deshaun Watson. In 2017 Deshaun tore his ACL, and in 2018 Fuller tore his. This is the first season they may play second half games together.
  13. If the commish changes the rules this will generally be seen on your league page. He would need to do so to push through a trade with a league vote setting. And if it is pushed through you should see it in the completed transactions section.
  14. True, but Darnold seems to perform a lot better at home at MetLife Stadium, as opposed to, say, in Miami last week.
  15. Sam Darnold home vs road career splits: Home: 9 games, 15 TD, 12 Int, 245 Yards per Game Road: 9 games, 8 TD, 12 Int, 192 Yards per Game