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  1. Definitely a sneaky play because of his rushing upside. Maybe he can actually figure out Marquise Brown.
  2. Ertz is still younger than Kelce at a position you can last longer at than wide receiver. I don't think he's finished and can still put up some great numbers. I do think you are quite the gambler if you play him this week however, not knowing whether they'll ease him in or not. I'd have to get a Pederson 'Ertz is a full go' to even think about it.
  3. Tua is also 22 with mediocre receivers and absolutely no run game (he did throw for a TD and no int's as well in that game, though they don't let him throw and try to win with their D a bit much). Hill might be playing with 2 Hall of Famers in Thomas and Kamara (both excel at the short pass). Denver is giving up 18.5 ppg to qb's this season, including 4 games well over 20+. I mean there is no guarantee with so little sample size, but man he has literally the two best players in the NFL for his skillsets. Shrug
  4. Also, take away those last two TD's where nobody even touched him and he could still be running home to Washington.
  5. You nailed it! It's sad he gets Pitt next, because NOBODY has blown up Pitt this year. But man, how do you not play him after that.
  6. How about we give the guy his own chance first?
  7. Well I can guarantee one thing. I'm not playing Austin Hooper in the rain again. lol
  8. And I would say only 40 yards rushing is the floor here. I mean even Daniel Jones is getting like 60 a week for a while now.
  9. I played Drew Lock last week. so ya, can't get worse than that. Less fantasy points than Luton, Lock, and Flacco? Hmmmmm
  10. EXACTLY. This is the guy that took Kamara in the 3rd round. I'm going with Payton's eyes and mind until further notice. He must really think he has a gem here in Hill. I guess we'll all see today at least. It'll be fun either way! Not to mention that HIll is 3 times more mobile than Bridgewater. That's just a silly comparison anyways. The question is HIll's accuracy on passes that needs to be answered in a full game.
  11. I guess? The Packers had the 12th rush defense and the Chargers 13th, and he torched both of those recently for a 100+. Shrug
  12. Any statistics out there for rainy and cold conditions on rb's? Just wonderin.... Like better or worse for them I mean...I would guess better right as plays for passes would go down?
  13. Bell has been absolutely abysmal with the carries he's been given. Why would they suddenly give him more?
  14. Michael Thomas might be the biggest bust in 10 years so far, so ya..............of course, Hill may be playing small ball all day today, and he breaks out of it. We hopes.....
  15. That's my problem. I don't trust anybody's guesses on here any longer after I was literally attacked and dragged through the mud for thinking that Leveon Bell wasn't going to 'immediately be the man' in KC.