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  1. It definitely depends on who you are asking. Many scientists are saying that death rates are waaaaaaay underreported and also that if states are opened too quickly it's going to be a total nightmare.
  2. Please don't say that. I'm going to perform seppuku on myself if we cannot have sports until Fall of 2021.
  3. Also sounding like they'd add a DH position to the NL for the shortened season. Could also be a headache for NL keeper leagues.
  4. Brady at the end of the half heaved it about 65 yards right to the perfect spot on their hail mary attempt. I'm sorry, but I agree with the other guy. Brady's arm is not finished and losing Gordon really hurt him. Gordon runs a straight line as fast as anyone in the league, which also helps the run game.
  5. Update: Lynch to get 10-15 carries now 'was expecting 3-5 to ease him in), making Homer most likely obsolete. Ugh.
  6. Obviously the 'Boone disaster of 2019' looms on Homer too. However, Homer looks to be involved quite heavily in the passing game. Throw in that Lynch and Turbin are nowhere near high level quality game shape for this type of matchup (and neither catch passes out of the backfield any longer, and they will absolutely need that this game) and I can't see how he doesn't at least do better than say a David Montgomery. If ppr, I'd say play, not ppr, no.
  7. I love the move personally. I think he'll do well. He's a year rested. Obviously, we don't know how much he's stayed in shape in the offseason, but as we all know running backs take a beating like no other in sports. I'll take a fresh Marshawn shot!
  8. I'm here! I've got my big Championship game this week! Our league is a monster 16 team auction league and they like that last game and how you play it to win it all.I wish Rotoworld would do a list just for week 17 of guys that won't play per usual and those that will play a half game or less.
  9. The Rams were rolling when Kupp was rolling in the 1st half. Then they inexplicably went away from him. I seriously don't get it. I watched many of those 2nd half games and he absolutely was open. They just designed away form him and had Goff throw into double coverage instead, destroying Goff's value too. I feel like Kupp and Goff or Kupp and one of the coaches had a verbal fight or something. None of it makes any sense whatsover. I'd guess this 2nd half sours his value and he hits around late 3rd/early 4th range. In the 4th would be a nice steal per usual.
  10. Not gonna happen in a meaningless game, where they are already in the playoffs, and will need Mattison healthy in said playoffs. This is Boone's big day to shine.
  11. Allen starting to believe. That one throw to end the half to Knox changed his entire belief system against the Pats. Wooooow.
  12. How about Allen in 2 leagues? 😕 Dude, looks frightened of the Pats......again...fml
  13. There was no hindsight. I said the exact same thing before the game. Go back a couple of pages. "Jameis 3 big games in a row? I'm betting against that all day."