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  1. I feel like pedestrian is a bit harsh. He’s not the Cy Young winner of last year, but he’s still above average. They mentioned in the telecast today that he entered as 7th in the NL in ERA. There’s a good chance he throws a QS tonight fwiw. Probably one inning left in him.
  2. CG for Mike Minor. Only blemish was a solo shot.
  3. Hunter Pence with a 2 rbi stand up triple. He’s just producing.
  4. I started deGrom and Mikolas tonight. My ERA went from under 2 to 4.46. 🤮
  5. Does anyone know how the ESPN standard tiebreaker rules apply? We had a dispute in our league after a 6-6 semifinals game tie. We do a H2H scoring each category (not W-L of each week). We assumed one team would advance for winning more regular season categories against the other team, but that wasn’t the case.