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  1. Redskins are the gud. I'm not concerned. I'm debating playing matchups between Watson and Winston but that's because of Winston's upside, not being down on Watson.
  2. Let's go Kenny G! Bout time for Kenny to land on top of the weekly leader board..... I hope! If he isn't peppered with targets this week with Jones out I'll be dang surprised.
  3. Let's go baby! I'm excited to see what this kid can do in game two. In the battle of seven loss teams, the Niners are the ones who look to have grit and determination, while the Giants are folding up for the season.
  4. Statistically the Giants are ranked better than Oakland for defensive passing DVOA by a decent margin, 19.8% to 44.3%. But that doesn't account for selling Snacks and Apple in recent weeks. Raiders also don't have a Barkley and Beckham.. so maybe not quite as good a matchup as last week but it sounds like Mullens has spent his young career preparing his butt off for his opportunity and I think it showed last week, even if it was against a crappy D. Kinda an important week for me and I ended up dropping Mariota for Mullens. Rolling with the Mullens/Kittle/Gould stack.
  5. Saints don't seem to play down to their opponent's level. I like them to get an early lead and to see lots of Ingram stuffing it down the Bengals throat this week.
  6. I've got Gio and Eckler. To some extent it's probably the 'sexyness' of their names that I put them above Davis but also I feel more confident they'd be the workhorse if the lead backs went down, with Carroll and the Seahawks they have shown so far Davis is the next man up but I wouldn't personally trust that'd be the case if Carson was shut down long term.
  7. It's Carson or bust for me with Seattle's backfield. I think Davis is a fine cuff and Seattle really has been running a ton but there are higher level cuffs I'd rather keep on my bench and I don't generally cuff flex players.
  8. Any insights into Lions @ Bears or Dolphins @ Packers for a yardage and points league? Leaning towards the Lions as Tribusky isn't a world beater and because of them aquiring Snacks.
  9. I'm thinking the same myself. Kinda risky that he could get pulled if he plays bad or even if he plays the full game he could put up a stinker. Giants sold their D for draft picks...
  10. Man, I know you know if you've owned Philly D all season that Dak is going to put up like 400/4/0 next week. I dropped them and DAL last week cuz these D's can't make peanuts out of a good matchup.
  11. I don't follow the Jags at all but to the broader point, it's reasonable to expect Kenny G to score on the lower bounds towards his floor if the problem is indeed systematic, because we have no proof the team has addressed the systematic problem at this point. Compared to a matchup dependent WR with a good matchup, they may hit their floor, but the good matchup provides reason to expect an at least decent game.
  12. I gotta imagine a AJ Green-less BenGals is a team the Saints can steamroll?
  13. Problem is that if it's systematic the duds could keep coming. Sanders, DT, Hilton last year, Corey Davis so far in his young career. The Lions at least, opposed to the aforementioned, have the tools on the team and healthy to help Kenny ball out regularly. I'm leaning towards benching this week and hoping to see some signs of life. Kinda roster and matchup dependent though if that's the best move. Kenny is the gud, I don't think I'd be throwing scrubs in in order to bench him.
  14. Mullen is likely to start per Glazeir against the Giants. Unfortunately his thread is locked.