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  1. Dropped for Shabaz. Seems coach will fill Murray's role with 3 diff players.
  2. I miss at least 6 to 10 games a week the last 4 weeks due to rest or dumb tanking injuries which have resulted in a lot of losses head 2 head. I dont even know why I play.
  3. I don't think he meant the comment as rest of season, more day to day until hes healthy enough to play...
  4. Im losing this week thanks to beal, marcus morris sr, thomas bryant, and now paul george smh.
  5. Yea he was a s---y draft pick this year.
  6. They not about to run nurk into the ground in this lost season bruh
  7. Hes probably healthy enough to play just being a b*tch. Picked the wrong year to draft this dude.
  8. I dropped him for doumboya, hope that wasn't a mistake.