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  1. This is the week 16 league winner folks. I’m so confident e will ball out that I’m FLEXING HIM (Jared cook my TE) over studs like Odell and coop cuck. THis time the glove does fit OJ. CANT CATCH THE JUICE MAN.
  2. I’m throwing him in there with Cooks uncertainty. I feel like this might be the perfect storm of a key injury, leading to a traditionally underperforming, freak athlete, finally coming out in the tail end of the season. we shall see. My gut feels good about this one...
  3. Christian was angry at the end of last game. I think this is the week boys!!
  4. I’m not ignoring trends, actually I’m observing them. Your right when everything is under control Goff has the luxury of seeing his other targets (like woods) however when the crucial plays occurs and it’s 3rd and long or the rams are in the readzone, Goff becomes inherently aware of Kupps location. That’s what my eyes tell me. If you watched the rams play at all this season you can just tell that Goff trust Kupp the most when things are on the line. I can’t speak to his usage but I can say that Kupp works best in an underneath role where the coverage is liable to be busy chasing cook + Woods’s and forgets about him. Kupp thrives most when he’s not the focal point of the passing game. He has the best hands on the team and Goff/Mcvay know that
  5. I did not know he was injured. Going forward if healthy I think he balls out the ROS. He was THE no.1 WR on a great Alabama team. He’s been humble but deep down he knows he’s a WR1 & now is the best time to show it. The falcons are done for the year. One of the only benefits they have playing games down the road is to evaluate their 1st round pick and see if he can legitimately be a WR1 going forward after this year. For that reasons I think hes gonna get fed as much as he can eat going forward. Barring injury. Set him in WR2 and forget about it .
  6. Y’all need to chill. Krupp still had a clean a** game. I assure there is no one Goff loves connecting with more on a TD than with his roommate Cooper Krupp. Even with low snap count I assure you Goff always has cooper on his mind. Unless Goff Involuntarily suffers like he has on road before, he WILL FEED KUPP.
  7. Yo if you reading this that means you got Jameis and you probs been riding him for a minute... Let’s be real, look at his ROS, we’re rolling him to the title game. I cant believe I’m saying this but I ride or I die with Jameis. who’s with me???
  8. Your so right. He only got 213 yards on offense. Definitely not a focal point at all...
  9. Y’all realize Ekeler is one of the most common players on playoff teams rosters? Not Melvin. You say he’s a lead back but he only got 84 yards total (on more touches). Ekeler got over 100+ rushing and +100 receiving & people still saying he’s not a focal point of the offense... Ekeler is more valuable than Gordon and has been all season. In both PPR and standard he’s top 7 scoring RB or better in both formats. I guarantee the chargers view him as more valuable than Gordon going forward.
  10. ive been telling y’all, this is Ecklers BACKFIELD! im sure most Melvin owners are probs eliminated by now, but if you still here just know Melvin is the change-of-pace back, Eckler is the big dog and has been all season
  11. Picked this fool up in waiver. Starting him over OBJ and Calvin Ridley. He’s bout to eat one time only, this Sunday.
  12. So weird. Lol I’m more confident in him throwing a 30 yard TD than I am him throwing a quick 3 yard slant TD. That last drive was a six point swing. You just knew we were scrwed when they said that random receiver didn’t cross the plane.
  13. Wouldn’t surprise me if the falcons went 4-1 down the home stretch. Team looks completely different since they got rid of that locker room cancer Sanu. I’m flexing Calvin from gear on out most likely, looks like he’s finally being trusted and made some good plays today
  14. So it’s Not Goff’s fault that things aren’t perfectly set up for him like last year? In that case we shouldn’t expect Brady to be good, bc his online is beat up. That excuse doesn’t fly & honestly compared to other teams Goff should be more than capable of putting up numbers. Throw Russell Wilson in this offense and see what happens.