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  1. Nah I don’t buy that. Stevie wonder could have been the qb and it wouldn’t have justified how much Juju completely disappeared. I’m talking full on ghost for an entire season. mind you this team was still in the playoff hunt to the end, so it wasn’t like they were 2-14 and on cruise control and he still couldn’t put up anything significant all year. His adp was ridiculous. you claim one game of 78 yards like that’s some monster performance thats evidence of him being a WR1 😂 “something just isn’t right this season”. im sorry but everything IS RIGHT for the Steelers, they’re 5-0 and have a great weapon in claypool, maybe if he keeps balling he’ll attract similar attention that AB got. Then maybe Juju will be a safer WR2, but he’s not gonna sniff anywhere close to his adp, and that seems to be okay with the Steelers.
  2. I just don’t see it with this team. KK strikes me as one of those offensive guru types, who likes to show how smart he is by changing the style every week. Watch next week Drake will get like 10 touches. it’s similar to McVay with the rams or Naggy back with the Bears.
  3. You think Tony would come back for a 1-yr deal? I mean witten’s still playing.. Imagine og Romo with these weapons.
  4. Lol are you trolling? His ROY award was a joke. It’s an award given almost exclusively to QBs(otherwise nick bosa would have won) and his competition was Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins, neither of which started a full season. He was literally the only candidate that could win it!
  5. Pretty much. I was shocked he was getting drafted in the 2nd round. Kyler is the RB1 on the team plus he’s just not that good in general. with that said I traded Nick Chubb for him a week ago bc I wanted to brag in my league that I finessed a buy low.
  6. I am hater you’re right, met him once and he was douchebag. I’m still pretty positive that he will get exposed eventually. I’ll give KK props, he’s done a good job of hiding kylers flaws.
  7. No they paid him to go up the middle only for 1-2 yards. Their gonna pound him into the line until they convince him he’s Jordan Howard.
  8. I’ve been saying this since he played for Texas A&M. His athleticism varied him against big 12 defenses, but when he met a team that kept him in the pocket, he shut down. Idk why defenses haven’t been able to figure out how to limit him yet.
  9. Elliot is a sold fantasy starter every week no doubt, but it’s honestly only based on volume and situation. Real football wise, he’s been nowhere near the Explosive back he was in his first 2-3 seasons . Honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea to try tony pollard for a drive or two, just to light a fire under zeke.
  10. If only they had a guy like Hopkins to compliment cooks with
  11. It’s honestly **** like this that gives me just enough of a belief that coaches aren’t all that smart actually. Always wondered how successful a madden/fantasy wiz would do calling real plays in the league.
  12. I feel like anyone that drafted Juju this year did not have him on their team last year, otherwise you wouldn’t have drafted him. Dude completely disappeared all season. I know mason was the QB but if your a real no.1 you should find a way to get the ball semi-frequently. I learned last year he was JAG and quite frankly was shocked when I saw what his adp was.
  13. This is the big problem with Odell in this offense and why you should try to trade him for anything you can get. His entire performance hinges on like 1-2 plays a game now. If he misses those 2 plays his floor is low low. Additionally, this guy disappears in the 2nd half. Even when his team is down big, positive game script doesn’t help him. I’d rather have a guy like John brown consistently get me 8-12 pts every week than this volatile MF. I’d probably trade him for a good defense if I could.
  14. I see the list you gave sarcastically of WR’s you perceive to be better than WR3 and I got to say, it’s pretty obvious you own DJ Moore because Dj Moore has never been nor will ever be better than a WR3. All the other guys you named are obviously better than WR3, including Cupp, but don’t think you can pretend DJ belongs in that group son.
  15. Sell high? Lol ur delusional. I can only count like 5 WR I would honestly take over Diggs right now. (D.Adams,T.Hill,Hopkins, Lockett). Additionally, ur argument is flawed, bc no one was drafting diggs over MT or Adams, he was drafted in the 5th round mostly and has far surpassed that adp. Also it’s not bush league, to go back And @ people that were way off, thats what makes these forums fun. Sorry you missed big on this guy.