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  1. I’d do the JuJu option for sure. I think it’s a RB upgrade and you get a solid WR1 imo. As long as you’ve got a decent TE option I’d give up Ertz.
  2. Hard to choose between Hyde and Freeman. Both good returns. Hyde, Freeman, Drake, Miller
  3. Yeah this might’ve convinced me to go with Thomas. You have to hope Freeman is his old self, but you’d have the best RB and WR in fantasy. That’s not bad.
  4. I’d be reluctant. Seems like an overpay. Just because I think McCoy might get going and then you’ve given up a RB1 and a RB2
  5. Anyone else? Is Melvin Gordon a worthwhile return for Michael Thomas? I think he’s gonna maintain top 3 WR numbers ROS. whir
  6. Sony Michel is the mystery box. Seems like an overlay, but he definitely has more RB upside than Crowell. If you’re deep at WR and need a good RB, I’d offer.
  7. I like Tyreek better than Julio and Howard better than Cook. So I wouldn’t.
  8. I think they’re very close. They’re both good values for CMC but you’d be awfully thin at RB if you traded him. I’d probably take TY and Hilton because they’d be your best 2 receivers but Michael Thomas is the best fantasy receiver ROS, so maybe you do that.
  9. With 6 point passing TDs I think rolling with Mahomes would win a lot of leagues. But I’m all in an Mahomes. If you’re moving him and Miller I would want someone like a Kareem Hunt or Jordan Howard. For Mahomes straight up maybe Cook or David Johnson?
  10. Cousins over Fitz. Trust Diggs and Thielen to beat backup DBs.
  11. Thanks for the answer. You echoed my thoughts. It’s a good value, but I’m so thin at RB I probably need to keep Shady and hope he’s done scoring 2 ppg.
  12. I’d like the surplus value but I need to keep the better RB probably. If I viewed McCoy is significantly better than Powell I wouldn’t make the trade.