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  1. I own Mixon and Jones....couldnt get Gio because I was #12 on waiver wire after using #2 waiver claim on a dropped Nick Chubb the week before (I own Mixon, A.Jones and JRob) figured why not waste a #2 waiver on a potential league winner....and now...Ive got nothing lol Jamaal Williams was drafted in my league so yeah. I might be trotting out Jrob and AJ Dillon as my starters.
  2. Ok yeah he needs to be make a WR move...but I think what you will have to offer might not be enough to pull. You have to open with either Cooper or ARob and then probably Crowder. Hes sat on MT all this time why trade him now when hes about to play? Kupp has the volume just horrible last game so thats his WR2. Basically in a 2 for 1 he needs to be able to replace MT production while improving his WR2 and I dont really view Crowder > Kupp. But maybe you can pull him opening with a best offer of Cooper/Crowder but dont think if I was an MT owner I would take that.
  3. Few factors here. Is this PPR? What does the MT13 owners team look like?
  4. Lost by .56pts because of that Cooper TD. Now sit at 3-3 with most pts scored.
  5. Down 15pts. My Allen/Diggs v his Cooper. Bonus league so Cooper has potential to put up huge numbers.
  6. Full PPR Pick 2: Woods, McLaurin, Lamb, Parker, Edelman, Mixon Need 1 WR 1 FLEX. Team QB-J.Allen WR1-Diggs WR2- RB1-Jones RB2-Jrob TE-Andrews FL- Thanks WHIR
  7. PPR Brown - consistent floor. Decent ceiling. Standard OBJ-will have a few more stinkers in there but his usage/target % can't be brushed off. Also depends on rest of team composition.
  8. Full PPR. Bonus for long plays/TD. Bonus pts at yardage milestones. Which stud WR1 would you try to trade for? DK, Tyreek or MT13. Current Roster: QB-J.Allen, Teddy WR-Diggs WR-Woods RB-A.Jones RB-JRob TE-Andrews FL-McLaurin Bench-Lamb,Parker,Edelman, Mixon, J.Kelley I obviously have the depth to make a 2 for 1 offer and not hurt myself. Which one would you go for and who would you offer? DK owner WR's-Crowder,Chark,Gallup Tyreek owner - Evans, Green, J.Brown, Tate, Jeffery MT13 owner - Golladay, Landry, J.Jefferson All 3 teams are 1-4. Thanks for any opinions. WHIR
  9. Ingram and Davis. But Henderson is a close call if Brown and Akers are out.
  10. Full PPR. Bonus pts for long plays/TDs. Bonus pts at yardage gained milestones. Need 1 RB and 2WR and 1 FL Player Pool: RB- Mixon, JRob WR-Woods, McLaurin, Parker, Lamb Current lineup: QB-J.Allen WR-Diggs WR-Edelman RB-A.Jones RB- TE-Andrews FL- Bench - J.Kelley, T.Pollard Would you play any of my other receivers over Diggs and Edelman? WHIR