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  1. Pretty much the same place you drafted him this year if not slightly lower. TE landscape is looking like it might be more than just the big 3 (Kelce, Kittle, Ertz) next year.
  2. They charged that toss fumble to Trubisky, with Miller recovering it early on in the game so maybe fumble recovery points?
  3. Cant Guard Mike. Devonta Freeman. Kittle The Beast.
  4. They are charging Trubisky with that fumble? Shouldn't that be on Miller?
  5. Moore has proven he can produce no matter who is throwing the ball. But I can see your hesitation due to Nuk game. PPR? If so D.Wash dude will be running and catching
  6. So far things are looking good not great. Need flex help. Full PPR/bonus pts for 40yd plays/TDs/bonus pts 100yds 150yds and 200yds receiving. Current lineup: QB-Ryan WR1-Mike Thomas WR2- Sutton RB1-D.Freeman RB2-J.White (6.9pts killed me) TE-Kittle(18.9pts beast) Flex- ??? K-Gould (10pts) DEF-KC Flex options: Big Mike Williams, OBJ, Jared Cook. Currently have BMW locked in my flex due to the fact OAK gives up tons of deep throws. Opponent had 4 players play in the HOU/TB game and only scored 40 (Jameis, Fuller, Howard, M.Gay) so I'm looking decent but need this win. 3rd time in the ship and no wins so I need this! Opponent has Cooper, Boone, Chubb, A.Miller and DEN D left. Leave links WHIR!
  7. Bump. Last minute opinions welcomed.
  8. Carson, Mostert, Hunt. I can see hunt catching at least 6 for 80 against BAL.
  9. PIT. I got a feeling BUF will be competitive with NE.
  10. Mack v the worst run D in the league. Chubb a close 2nd.