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  1. Really hope philly takes the east. Dallas doesn’t deserve a second more of air time
  2. Been tryin to tell you guys all year Trubisky was gonna light s--- up. No, that did not happen.
  3. I don’t believe he sat them once all year either. Then take a seat in the first round gents.
  4. The Dak/cooper owner in my league sat both of them tonight in the playoffs. Looking like a pretty damn good call.
  5. Is JG’s job still safe? Heard that all week believing none of it.
  6. Whether flushots are 100% effective has no relevance to the question being a good one lol
  7. Well that was about the most disastrous play outcome possible for the vikings.
  8. That's why he's so incredible. He can hand the ball off every play while simultaneously leading the NFL in TD passes. Remarkable.