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  1. Blue all day. No Lamar. Blue should get 15+ carries
  2. Landry. GB does have a speed corner that can match up with Anderson.
  3. I have Devante. Would you play it “safer” with Dak in a plus matchup at home or upside of Allen and his rushing ability in garbage time. Or, just play the guy I’ve been riding out all year long in Rodgers.
  4. Would go Brady. Even if Gurley plays, don’t think they use him the same. Rams should be able to beat the Cards without Gurley.
  5. DJ is a lock out of these guys. For me, would be between Michel and Barber. Barber did well against a tough Ravens squad last week. 85 and a TD. Michel hasn’t done anything in a few weeks. Would still lean Michel at home.
  6. Championship. Standard league. Have Kamara going. Other choice is Lindsay or Williams. Had Lindsay in there for my RB2 most of the season. He’s got the easier matchup but didn’t do well last week. Would you play Williams over Lindsay this week based off last 2 games? Big believer in go with what got you here but with Ware rule out, Williams won’t have to share as much as Lindsay night.
  7. Go Miami. Teams struggle to play in Miami most of the time. Think the Pats are going to give up points to Allen, especially garbage time. Dallas hasn't been getting a lot of sacks and turnovers.
  8. They have never changed it before. People rolled Colston as the top WR for the Saints and the league years ago in TE spot as he had WR/TE eligibility. And the Jags RB last year for many games had could be played as a WR and he was putting up double digit points.
  9. Colts get Jags week 13 with Kessler at QB, LG just sent to IR, and no Fournette.
  10. Bills get Jax, MIA, NYJ, and DET next four weeks (12-15). Might be available with them on bye this week.
  11. There’s been a lot of plays Flacco would have been sacked today. If they win, think you see the change. Ravens have lost 4 of last 5. Lamar time ROS
  12. 17 carries, 100+ yards, TD, 2 pt, and game is not over. How can you say he’s not the pickup of the week regardless of how many active backs? This could be a regime change for QB and RB this week.
  13. Gus Edwards. Is he taking over the 4 man committee in BAL? Worth a flier. He looks good today