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  1. Keep up to 3 players, you lose the round that player was drafted in. Players picked up from Waivers you lose very late round pick. Here are all my players that I'm thinking about keeping: Kamara (1st) Calvin Ridley (5th) Marlon Mack (8th) Derrius Guice (7th) N'Keal Harry (Undrafted) Preston Williams (Undrafted) Lamar Miller (8th) Jerrick McKinnon (Undrafted) Obviously I'm keeping Kamara in the first. I feel like Ridley in the 5th is solid value for him as he's gonna finish top 25 WR this year. Mack is really good value in the 8th imo as well. Guice without AP next year could he pretty darn good if he can stay healthy. Preston Williams was very solid until injury and if Fitzpatrick keeps the job then he can support Williams I think. Plus I only have to give up my last pick for him. Who would you keep?
  2. Ertz to get less than 19.3.. forcast is rainy and windy. Hopefully it affects the passing game
  3. Julio has 9 points in PPR with most of the 2nd half left. I want a TD but I'm happy so far
  4. Thank God I started James Washington over OBJ. Unless Washington gets less than OBJ's outstanding 5 points in PPR right now..
  5. Thinking about starting James Washington over Odell this week.. I know Odell has a good matchup but I have a feeling he might cost me a playoff win today with his inconsistency.
  6. James Washington vs Ari or Odell vs Cincy Dallas Goedert vs NYG or Mike Gesicki vs NYJ PPR
  7. Both are RB2's with Penny having a little more upside in PPR.
  8. Possibility I think, we'll see after the draft.
  9. My league keeps 3 keepers, with no round penalties. You just lose the round you got the player. I'm keeping Kamara 100% but after that I'm not sure. I got Marlon Mack with the 8th and Derrius Guice with the 7th. Should I keep those 3 backs and use my 2nd-6th draft picks to build a WR core around them? The only WR's id even consider keeping would be Keenan Allen (3rd) or N'Keal Harry (undrafted). Harry intrigues me because he plays for Pat's and surely he could be a stud #2 for that offense next year. Plus I would only give up a really late draft pick to keep him. Suggestion?
  10. James Washington vs Cle, Tyrell Williams vs KC, or McLaurin vs Car Ekeler vs Den or Carson vs Min Juju is out so Washington could have some value again, but is probably boom or bust imo Carson tough matchup Who would you pick? PPR
  11. Start Christian Blake or Terry? Blake is the 3rd WR for falcons
  12. What about Christian Blake? Looks to be the 3rd guy with Julio out. He got 9 targets last week
  13. Julio out, have to choose between these two players. McLaurin vs Car or Williams vs KC Hunter Renfrow is out all year, so Williams could see an uptick in targets but it's a tough matchup against a solid KC secondary. McLaurin and Haskins are improving their connection every week it seems like. Who to choose?
  14. Seems like a Julio game to me. I don't believe the injury reporting out there most of the time. If he couldn't go he would already be ruled out imo. Thanksgiving day, prime time vs the Saints. 100 yds and two TD's for Julio tonight.
  15. Classic Carson game where everyone is down on him because Penny did something he rarely does. I'm expecting 75-80 yds and a TD. Sprinkle in 3 catches for 25 yards. That's a nice PPR game
  16. Chris Carson vs Min, Ekeler vs Den, Jonathan Williams vs Ten. I'll have to end up probably starting Carson cause of that run heavy offense but it's a brutal matchup. I win and I'm in the playoffs so I have to consider all my options.
  17. Woods and Cook back means Cupp is back to WR1. He's going to feast
  18. Up 6.6 points. He has Ravens D and Mark Andrews, I have Brandin Cooks... I need a 60 yard deep ball for a TD.
  19. Penny was hot and they rode him to the win. I'm not worried.. he still was involved in passing game and he's a better blocker than Penny is. Fumbles don't help but there's no way you bench this guy with an offense like Seattle has.
  20. Word came out that Seattle only has two TE's available so Hollister will most likely see 85 percent of snaps and Olsen has been bad except for last week. Who would you choose? Both have hard matchups on paper