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  1. Picked up Doyle in a trade thinking I'd play the match up game with Burton but after these last couple weeks I'm thinking all Doyle all the time. Burton just doesn't get enough opportunities to put up points
  2. Guess I traded him a week too soon...never doubted his talent just his opportunities with Blount and the coaching staff. Dang.
  3. Yeah...gotta bring in that change of pace back...wouldn't want those 7 ypc to mess up your offense.
  4. Mixon the only Bengal gaining consistent yardage so they sit him for two series in a row. Brilliant game plan.
  5. Was able to pick up Doyle via trade without including Burton so I'll be playing the matchup game with my TEs for the rest of the season. Although I'm starting Doyle this week cause he's shiny and new and I have a "feeling" which of course means Burton is gonna score 20.
  6. Really need to play this guy as my flex and for him to perform like he did preinjury to have a chance this weekend. Looking like it's gonna be a last minute decision which sucks
  7. Not so much the lack of increase in points that was concerning to me but the lack of increase in targets. Only reason i burned a high waiver claim on this guy was the assumption that they traded DT so Sutton could be more involved....I mean they basically said so. Hopefully over the next couple weeks he's in the 7 to 9 range on targets or I'm gonna regret picking him up with the other options I had available.
  8. Definitely trying to trade out of this guy (targets are Kittle then Doyle)....just can't handle these low targets, so frustrating considering how talented he is. I don't think I can win in the playoffs with 2 or 3 targets to my TE.
  9. Checking in as an Evans owner who lost this week (needed a measly 9 points outta him).....I didn't watch the game, was Fitz just badly missing on his throws or were these mostly drops/big plays by secondary?
  10. I'm going back and forth between Watkins and Sutton for my flex with Boyd on a bye. I wanna start Sutton since he a shiny new addition to my team and Watkins is kinda boom or bust but Sammy is playing cleveland so I'll probably end up flipping a coin.
  11. Any updates on his status for this week? With my roster getting hit hard by byes this week I'd really really like to play him as my flex but that Sunday night game time is a potential killer.
  12. I think Sutton will probably be about the same points wise (PPR) but in hindsight consistent TE points are more valuable than WR points to me since I didn't use a high draft pick on one of the big 3 TE's.
  13. As a former Fuller owner who used his high waiver claim to get Sutton I'm fully on board for him to be a high floor RB2 type guy on my bench that can get me through these Hopkins/Boyd bye weeks without too much of point dropoff. I have no other Denver players so I know nothing about their offense but hopefully a lot of targets to Sutton is the game plan
  14. Picked up Sutton with my high waiver claim but given the hit and miss nature of TE's I'm kinda regretting not grabbing Doyle (who was grabbed by the guy right after me in claim order). Indy throws the ball so much and getting those amount of targets for a TE is such a luxury. I'm in full PPR so all those 3rd down catches woulda been $$$.