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  1. Did I say regression? I apologize Norm, he only needs 17 min to produce.
  2. Both, as 6th/7th man he won't average more than 24-25 min.
  3. It's also a b2b game, he'll probably play next game if he doesn't I'll say he was "injured."
  4. 2 hours is pretty good, most teams provide it like 30 minutes before tip-off lol
  5. He had foul trouble in the 1st half. He's also been playing out of his mind this past week, regression should've been expected.
  6. He misses every b2b game and I wasn't comparing their play. Also Kawhi has missed a game when the Clippers only had 2 games in a week. This is today's NBA with load management get used to it.
  7. Not concerning if the opponent center as more (Drummond, 6 TOs) lol
  8. We'll see next game. I will lose all faith in Brooks if he doesn't play over 20
  9. Naw they're just being overly cautious, at least he's at 14 minutes with 7 min to go in the 3rd for today's game. Slowly ramping up his minutes with emphasis on slowly.
  10. He's been playing more on-ball off the bench kind of like Huerter, but more worried about less shots available once Rjax gets playing time.
  11. Coach Dwane Casey said Reggie Jackson (back) could be back this week, but he's out for Monday against the Wizards. RIP Svi