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  2. He's waiting until Brees retires after his tweet during the offseason
  3. Dodgers got cheated on twice in the world series (Hou,Bos)
  4. 1. No player has won a NBA championship by himself. Dirk and a bunch of aging veterans? Jason Kidd is a Hall of Famer, Jason Terry was 6th man of the year the year before and was runner up for many years. Tyson Chandler was only 28 and was arguably one of the best rim protectors during that time. Caron averaged 15+ points that season and Marion was the glue guy. Then you add Brewer/Stevenson who were comparable to KCP and Green as 3 and D guys. Do you also discount the Warriors championships with Durant? What about last year's finals where the Raptors won when the Warriors were missing both Durant and Klay, was their championship worth any less? 2. It's the NBA every player complains after every foul call, it's never their fault. Just go down the list of every team and their stars, they all complain and yes "star" treatment exists in all sports. 3. All players have their signature poses after a made dunk or 3 point made (like Wes Mathews stupid bow, Melo's 3 shot to the head) At the end of the day major sports are an entertainment, do you want players to have no emotions? You want it to be like baseball? It's funny how people are discrediting the Lakers when the Raptors just a season ago won a team without KD/Klay. With the Clippers? Their a** got beat by the Nuggets who the Lakers beat in 5 games, why are we discrediting the Lakers and not putting more blame on the s---y play of the Clippers(Playoff P). Also discrediting the Heat who beat the Pacers(2nd best team in the bubble 6-2 record), beat the best team in the NBA during the regular season(Bucks), beat Boston who were considered the favorite after beating the Raptors. And the whole LeBron vs MJ, it's getting annoying. They are different players like many people in this forum have previously stated, just appreciate both in what they have brought to the NBA.