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  1. Packers looking to go run heavy next season, we'll see tho with Arod I doubt it.
  2. Draymond Green said his goal is to shoot 40 percent on 3-pointers in 2020. Green said he's had to "restructure [his] jump shot" due to hip issues after the 2018 Finals, which impacted the way he jumps. "If I can get that back to above 36 percent [from downtown] -- possibly shoot 40 percent, which I know I'm more than capable of -- the league is in trouble again if I can do that. That's my goal." Green shot 38.8% from deep during the 2015-16 season, but since then he's never been above 30.8%. Whether or not he improves his accuracy from deep, the key for his fantasy value is simple -- staying healthy. 40% lolllllllll
  3. Derrick Henry(left) Mark Ingram (right) PAY THE MAN
  4. Clippers version of Elton Brand before the injuries (5 top 12 finishes, 1 top 20 in 7 seasons)
  5. Agreed he's been a beast in fantasy, think Kevin Love is on a similar list to Ibaka.
  6. Eddie Jones had 3 top 5 finishes in 9 cat averages, 4 top 20, 5 top 25-50 finishes, and most importantly 1 season as rank #1 (1.78 3s/20.1/4.8/4.2/2.67 steals/0.68 blocks)
  7. Chris Webber snubbed for like 7 years but definitely put up some HoF fantasy lines
  8. FanDuel is actually having a contest for a simmed NBA game slate tonight 🤣
  9. will continue to leave him there
  10. exactly, but the Heat got worse with the trade lol, Iggy washed up
  11. regular season doesn't matter, they just lost to the Hornets, they're 7-9 their last 16 games