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  1. 12 team ppr. Need help on my flex Singletary Bills vs Steelers Montgomery Bears vs Packers Debo Sf vs Atl
  2. yeah i have Juju too in my other league but it seems like its good to hold him to prevent him to go to another team?
  3. 14 team half ppr league. 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1flex QB: Matt Ryan WR: Davante Adams, DJ Moore, Marvin Jones jr, Fuller RB: Montgomery, Derrick Henry, AP, Latavius Murray TE: Kelce, Everett Bottom part of the league dropped Juju and Mack. Do you think its worth to pick up these guys on FAAB? I currently have $44/$100 should i split or go all in on one?
  4. 12 Team PPR I currently have TY hilton to start on my flex but I am worried about him coming back from injury. He does have juicy matchup. I currently have Singletary (VS Den), Juju (most likely out) and Jordan Howard (VS Sea) on the bench Would you switch hilton out for singletary or jordan?
  5. My current rb situation is melvin gordon, Derek henry, singletary, Montgomery, jordon Howard. 12 team ppr Would you drop howard for William's for ROS?
  6. any one else? I picked up cook yesterday but still have a chance to trade to hollister
  7. 12 team PPR Hunter is on bye next week but I would like to grab a backup. Jared cook and Hollister for next week (week 12) and ROS as backup.
  8. I would 100% do it. JuJu has been on the bench for me
  9. if you have good chance of getting into playoffs, I wouldn't. Once you get away from this bye, you won't need hunt as much. if you need a win to get into playoff then go for it.
  10. Sorry for not being clear. I have to pick at least 1 WR and then a flex. Basically the first question is Juju or Terry Then the next is Mont, Jodan or WR I didnt pick.