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  1. Anyone going with the Lions this week? Lots of people going with MIA in a wet windy divisional game. Would rather look elsewhere and hope for a Jets upset. Lions are coming off a bye against a bad Jags team. Or am I trying to be too cute?
  2. Is Diontae out or is there a chance he comes back in?
  3. Adams not practicing again, playing Sunday night, away to the Saints. Let's go Laviska!
  4. I'd be surprised if this works. By adding a few extra filler players, means they'll have to drop a couple of guys from their roster. Pollard might be insurance if Zeke misses time but your opponent may not want to spend 2 roster spots for max 1 position.
  5. Yeah Chark is tough to bench but I view a lot of these WRs similarly so will try go on matchup and not when I drafted them
  6. Tough choices here, I'd go with Monty and Robinson because I prefer rbs but chark instead of Robinson if you'd prefer a we. Thanks for helping with mine
  7. Think I've settled on Hollywood and one of either McLaurin or Diontae. Will probably decide last minute between those two... Who has the easier matchup, McLaurin @ Ari or Diontae Johnson v Den?
  8. Slim pickings but Snead, MVS or Reagor would be my shouts here. Whoever you think has the best chance of a TD is the right answer when you're looking at guys like this. Thanks for helping me
  9. Robby for me also. Not sold on DJax after the eagles performance last week. Robby always has a chance of a long td and looks like he's getting a decent amount of targets this year too. Thanks for answering mine
  10. Howdy Thanks for the help in the past, served me well! This week I need to start 2 from the following: ppr league. Leaving towards hollywood and dj, what you reckon? Whir Hollywood Brown @ Hou Chark @ Ten McLaurin @ Ari Diontae Johnson v Den Dobbins @ Hou
  11. Flexing over Chark after agonising over it all morning. Giddy up!
  12. Consistency v Ceiling? Early 2019 v Late 2019? What do you believe? I draft early tomorrow morning and I know I'm facing this decision down the barrel. What do I do? I want one of them! 🤷🏻‍♂️ What are your reasonings?
  13. Thanks! It's not a rookie draft though, it's a regular redraft league with 2 keepers. CEH, Sanders, Jacobs, Mixon, Chubb are the best 5 RBs available
  14. 2 keeper PPR league where I have Zeke and Julio from last year. I won last year so get to choose my draft spot. Top players available are CEH, Jacobs, Sanders, Mixon, Chubb, Jones, Lamar, Galloday, Evans, Thielen, Robinson etc. Almost definitely going RB first. Tempted to just pick #1, select CEH and hopefully enjoy watching chiefs games all year. I'm happy with any of those first 3 RBs listed but would prefer CEH for the upside, seeing as I have 2 consistent keepers already. Or should I drop to 3/5th and go with best player available then. Not a huge step up with who will be available in round 2/3, the turn would probably leave Woods/Kupp/Amari/Jonathon Taylor/Montgomery/Ingram etc, whereas if I pick later in round 1, I'd maybe get OBJ, one of the old RBs (bell etc) or someone like Arob. What should I do? Thanks for helping and leave a link so I can help you back!