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  1. DJ and Michel...I have DJ on the bench but only because I have Zeke, Lindsay, and Mack all in great matchups.
  2. I go Hogan minus Gordon and Callaway is a very close second against worst pass D in the NFL. A little help please?
  3. I really want to start Allen but I've been poisoned reading on a bunch of sites he may be a decoy or on a snap count. Jeffery does well with Foles under center and R Anderson has a great matchup...as does Baldwin but he is hard to trust. Anyone?
  4. Gotta play Mack in a great matchup and it is really hard not to play Williams if Ware doesn't suit up.
  5. No way would I sit Mack vs NYG. Even though Henry has blown up last two games I still have 0 faith in him so that's my answer. Gotta play Gordon since he is healthy and no Ekeler and no way do I sit the only RB on a high powered offense like KC.
  6. Mack and then flip a coin between Carson/Williams.
  7. Gonna 3rd Williams, Gurley may not get a lot of play and Williams is gonna get carries and is in a good spot to be a top 15 RB this week.
  8. Pretty even IMO although I do think Zeke has a strong finish.
  9. I'd love to know the same thing...best I can say is there is no reason to doubt that he continues to put up good numbers until he gives us a reason to, which he hasn't yet.
  10. Standard league here is my lineup: Rodgers Zeke, DJ, Mack, Lindsay Green, K Allen, J Gordon, Sanders, Sutton, Fitz Olsen, Njoku I feel like I need a boost at WR with Green gone because it is very easy for both Allen and Gordon to get lost among all the other talent on their teams. Boyd should get a ton of targets while Green is out. Think Sanders for Boyd gets the deal done?
  11. Mack and Jones, only because Michel is coming off an injury otherwise it would be Mack and Michel.
  12. Call me crazy but I'd drop Bell, doubtful he even suits up this year. Otherwise I drop Barber, not gonna be easy picking the rare game he does well in. Fitz looks to be on the upswing with Leftwich as OC.
  13. Yeah if I am the Brown owner I take a quick look at your roster and if I am not getting Gordon for him I am out. But if he is a little shaky at WR underneath AB then maybe it makes more sense for him to get Mack/AP plus K Allen...Don't insult the guy and throw Arob out there because I think Id be insulted and much less likely to work with you if that's where you started with me lol.
  14. Golladay (likely new #1 WR) Brown (ridiculous matchup) Agree with Amari 3rd and it is a pretty close 3rd because I think Dallas will force feed him his first game to prove they made a good move.