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  1. I have watched him plenty and stand by what I said. You can disagree and have every right to do so. But to call a take garbage just because you disagree shows how insecure you are. And LOL at showing a highlight reel. Everyone can look that up even if you don’t watch the guy play regularly. It added nothing to your argument. It shows what Carson is. A guy who runs with power and punishes tacklers. He’s decisive and hits the hole hard. But he’s not wowing with acceleration/speed/moves. He’s just ok in those categories. And LOL at cherry picking stats at the underwear olympics.
  2. I get what you are saying about Penny. He is more hesitant most of the time and Carson is much more decisive. Carson is getting caught from behind on that td run. He just is not explosive. Powerful, but average athlete at the position. Penny is much more explosive, but I agree that he is too inconsistent and hesitant.
  3. DND: Todd Gurley Deandre Hopkins Signed, Fantasy football players at this time in 2016
  4. Gonna lose on that td. Third highest points and an L
  5. I won’t guess at percentages but it’s mainly luck. It’s like poker where any given hand mainly comes down to luck. Over time in poker and over many hands, skill wins out. I suppose if you have the due diligence to own 10,000 teams, skill will show more against that population but that’s obviously unrealistic. Given that most people have only a few teams at most, it’s going to be mostly luck.
  6. Every play is blocked the same way, the defense plays the same way every time and the same amount of yards can be gained on every run whether you are on the 50 or 1 yard line. Since everything is the same, we can conclude effectiveness by looking at box scores.
  7. Barber looks like he always does. He doesn’t do anything stupid. He has some power. But everything else is below average. Rojo is more explosive, but makes some dumb plays. I don’t think Barber scores on RoJo’s td but RoJo probably would have scored Barber’s.
  8. I don’t remember seeing him. Would like to see snap count after that play.
  9. Awful fumble by DJ. He looks like he doesn’t give a s--- out there.
  10. He and Ronald Jones will combine to score eleventy billion points in this game