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  1. Could have had a monster team. But I lost Jay Ajayi before I could trade him, and now my top 2 WR's are out. AJ Green and Kupp. Dude, wtf. Now I have to start Suttland and Baldwin. Last year I lost OBJ too.
  2. With riddick coming back, I can see him taking a few targets away from Kerryon. Riddick is a guy they trust alot. Although he isn't the best RB or a big play guy, he's a safe guy to throw to. He won't win you games, but he's good for a few 6-7 yards catch a game when you need him is the way I see him. So now, Kerryon will not only get vultured by Blount in the Rz, but by Riddick in the pass game.
  3. I think it's more about Riddick being a safety valve. Think about it this way. Lions were constantly sent their WR's on long routes vs the vikings. Long routes take longer time develop, so the o-line needs to hold the pass rush for longer. Problem is, they couldn't. So because of that 1) the vikings got 10 sacks, 2) stafford had to dump it off to his 3rd/4th read often(riddick and such. And since they weren't plays designed to get riddick open as he wasn't 1st or 2nd read, he probably had a defender close by to tackle him on catch) and 3) the WR's couldn't get very involved in the game. Basically, I agree Riddick isn't great. But no one can deny that he is very safe. So when Stafford passed to Riddick, it wasn't because he wanted to. It was because a 6 yard completion is better than taking another sack, so he just dumped it off to the safe guy. Can Kerryon do the same? Maybe, but he wasn't asked to be. And also, Riddick was taking some snaps as a WR, so that had something to do with it i think.
  4. Easily for me, based on the situation. Seems like browns are gonna give Chubb his 20 touches a game. Kerryon isn't guaranteed his amount.
  5. Way I see it, they want to establish the run and make sure they are balanced. I don't think they are looking at the playoffs this season after firing their HC and OC, so I don't think the goal is to win games. I'm thinking the goal is to develop young talent and to help them progress. And we've seen what demanding too much too early can do to most QB's. So I honestly think he's safe. He will get at least 18 rushes per game moving forward. For him to reach top 12 status tho, he needs to be more of a factor in the pass game.
  6. Fair enough, but I just checked the box score(stopped watching the game after the first quarter) and i saw Samuel with 2 yards per carry, tho he did get some catches.
  7. this past game, I think it was play calling. They tried to develop deep balls, but Stafford was sacked before the route was fully developed. That's why there were 10 sacks and 7 passes to riddick in my opinion.
  8. Obviously it's not a 100% concrete thing, but it def makes things bleak in my opinion.
  9. Literally thought there was a 0% chance of this. Wow. Automatic top 5 RB ROS with Bell out. I'm still in shock dude lol
  10. Its kinda silly to just label it click bait just because you don't like the result. Still a chance he still comes back but it's not looking good for bell owners.
  11. I'd go with newton. Been playing great all year, his offense looks good. Plus, he might be a bit of a buy low with 15 points last night.
  12. Thing I really like about Chubb is I think his floor is rock solid. Dude got 22 carries while his team was trailing to the chiefs. So I think he gets at least 9-12 points every week based on 70-90 yards rushing, 2-3 catches. Upside is based on TD but I think his floor is more solid than most. Drake can get the same points, but he's 100% dependent on a big play or TD, where as I think Chubb's floor brings him a bit above Drake.